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Rail Nation Review

By BwwDtt | 22 November 2019
Average: 6.5 (6 votes)

Rail Nation is a browser-based strategy economy simulator, developed by Travian Games in 2014.

  • Unique browser train simulator
  • Dozens of realistic train models
  • Newbie-friendly game
  • Social-based game

Rail Nation Gameplay

In Rail Nation, the player's primary goal is to create the best rail company and provide all of the cities on the map with various goods. The game divided into six epochs, each one lasts 14 or 7 days on servers with fastened gameplay.

The gameplay in the game is understandable and accessible even to beginners. The developers allowed everyone to play on an equal status: new players can catch up with veterans in just a few weeks of the game.


The Rail Nation has two scenarios with different maps and game features. At the moment, there are two scenarios, except for the default one:

USA Scenario — this scenario differs from other with the competition of eastern and western parts of the map. The players have to choose one of the sides to start the game. This game mode also has warehouses, that influences the advanced economy strategy of the USA Scenario. The game played on the real map of the US.

Europe Scenario — it's the game mode, where the map divided into ten regions with the five cities in each. The actions revolve on the real environment of Europe. The main feature of this scenario is that each domain can elect a president and a city can elect a mayor. This game mode has a complicated democratic system that regulates the economic relations between players. Unlike the US Scenario, in the European version, players can cooperate even if they are on the different sides of the controversy. Another feature is that this map has ships that can transport goods, and landmarks in different cities that advance urban development.

Trains and Buildings

One of the essential parts of the Rail Nation is trains and rail stations. The game has a wide variety of locomotives and machines from different historical eras. Players can choose any of them and decide for themselves what the railway company will do. All trains have different characteristics, such as fuel consumption or maintenance costs.
Usually, the best wagons are the most expensive to maintain.

In addition to trains, players can also build buildings to help develop the company. For example, the engine sheds or lottery buildings can buff the effectivity of railroad operations. Moreover, all of the structures on the map can be upgraded to improve the effectivity of their effects. Some of the building can expand the player's abilities, for example, by increasing the number of trains in the depot.

The game has a player-driven economy. It means that the players who have access to the source of useful resources can sell the surplus to other companies. The price is not regulated by the game, but by the users themselves.

Even though the Rail Nation is entirely free-to-play, it has microtransaction, that opens the access to essential parts of the game. The premium currency might help players to develop their company in a matter of days. Still, at the same time, the game creates unfair competition, because non-premium players have to make more efforts to achieve the same goals.

Who is it For?

Since the Rail Nation is a browser-based game, it runs smoothly even on weak computers, so this is the best choice for those who are searching for the low-spec management simulator. This game is suitable for fans of trains and economic games because both components are excellent.