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Rakshasa: Street of Demons Review

By EnKite | 16 August 2019
Average: 8 (3 votes)
  • Bright anime style
  • Four unique characters
  • Simple, but catching battles
  • Interesting story

Rakshasa: Street of Demons is a browser RPG game based on the anime with the same name, that tells about a funerary world filled with ancient spirits. In the Rakshasa: Street of Demons, the souls generals protect portals leading to the human world from evil spirits and demons. A girl named Yue Xi gets beyond reality, into the Underworld universe, by mistake. The main character wants to protect her and help to return home. Before you get acquainted with the lost girl, you need to select your General:

The game is divided into peaceful and combat zones. In few settlements, non-player characters give tasks for advancing through the plot. Blacksmiths help to forge equipment, traders - to sell stuff through the auction. In such places, players get mercenaries and potions, and also communicate with other live players. A stranger will tell you where to go, how much money to save for a decent thing, as well as which fighters to include in the group.

In the Rakshasa: Street of Demons, members of two opposing teams meet in a separate window and instantly attack, striking and using skills in turns. If you disable auto fight, the main character will no longer use the abilities and will wait until the player does. Enemies are not of a great danger, dying in a couple of seconds, so you can trust the artificial intelligence for the first forty levels. Later, you should wear high-quality equipment, correctly place allies on the battlefield and successfully activate the techniques and spells to win.

Squad in the Rakshasa: Street of Demons consists of five units. The front flank should consist of tank guys in steel armor. Slightly away, there are those who do impressive damage and can withstand single superstrong damage. Behind the backs of the friends are magicians who inflict damage or support their comrades with healing spells and energy shields. Warriors, knights, archers, murderers, healers and elemental wizards can be a part of the squad. It is not necessary to add them to the squad at once. The online RPG welcomes experiments.

After finishing the story, the community rushes to the tower of trials - a large structure with hundreds of floors, randomly filled with monsters or treasure chests. Different tests offer to defeat a huge monster or knock down the devil. If PvE is annoying, everyone takes on PvP. In the arenas, the fighters cross their blades in an honest duel, and several associations fight weekly for territory in clan competitions for rewards like money, temporary divine ammunition, pets to ride and costumes.

The Rakshasa: Street of Demons is simple and fun, it does not take too much attention even if you are at work. It is bright and predictable, but still interesting. You are interested in watching your character’s grow and learning the plot.

Rakshasa: Street of Demons Classes

  • Eternal Chiba - Big man with a large stock of health and a large shield.
  • Frostbite - The wizard controlling the water in all its states. Focuses on stunning and weakening opponents.
  • Tailblade - Uses combinations of punches with an increased chance of a critical attack. Is able to block targeted spells.
  • Manaflame - Fights with fire, summons gigantic demons, increasing the number of the team.