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Realms of Despair Review

By BwwDtt | 28 November 2019
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Realms of Despair is a classic text-based MMORPG, developed by Derek Snider in 1994.

  • Hardcore RPG gameplay
  • Lots of classes
  • Flexible combat system
  • Deep lore and race backgrounds

Realms of Despair Gameplay

Realms of Despair is one of the fantasy MUDs that still active and popular among the fanbase. The community is friendly and welcoming, especially to newbies. The game has pretty ASCII graphics in some locations, lots of areas to visit, and more than 20 thousands of rooms to enter. During the game, you will complete numerous exciting quests and learn more about the RoD world.

The game has excellent character customization. You can describe the appearance of your hero in details when you create it; the game also provides lots of individual classes and unique races, each one with different skills and backgrounds. The Realms of Despair has a wide variety of equipment and accessories for every playable character so that you can customize your hero during the gameplay too.

The Realms of Despair has a complex combat and RPG system. To play this game, you have to know at least forty console commands and their subcommands. To understand all of them at the beginning, you will have to check out the beginners guide on the official site of the game. If you feel lost, talk to other players: they are usually happy to welcome newcomers and ready to help you figure out the game basics. You can also join an active guild or clan.

RoD Races

  • Drow — the renegades of the Elven society. They moved under the ground a long time ago, and since that time they live in caves. Drow has dark skin and white hair. They're very agile but much weaker than usual Elves and Humans.
  • Dwarves — long-living stocky creatures, living in the mountains. They're gifted miners, and they're more predisposed to physical roles than magical. The main feature of that race is that both men and women can wear a thick and long beard.
  • Elves — tall creatures with slim, fragile bodies. They have a charming and charismatic appearance, attracting almost all other races. This race is not good at physical roles; elves are innate magicians.
  • Gith — descendants of the Human race, captured by Mind Flayers for a long time. They're much stronger and smarter than average humans.
  • Gnomes — small human-like beings that devote their lives to the search for knowledge. Because of their complexion, they rarely make good warriors.
  • Half-Trolls — demihuman creatures, result of mating with a troll. They're weaker than usual trolls, but they're stronger and taller than humans.
  • Humans — the most common and numerous race in the Realms. Humans have no unusual abilities.
  • Sea-elves — the aquatic relatives of elves that can live only in sea depths. They can breathe underwater and resist cold.
  • Dragonborn — race without a nation. They're brave warriors and mages.
  • Half-Orcs — descendants of humans and orcs. They're wild and powerful, with formidable appearance.
  • Half-Ogres — the children of humans and ogres. The ogre society does not accept them, so the half-ogres began to assimilate with people.
  • Pixies — the small elf-like creatures with cute gossamer wings. They're very intelligent, but many races do not take them seriously because of size.
  • Halflings — dexterous and positive creatures, mostly living at home, in a good company of fellow tribesmen.

Realms of Despair Classes

  • Augur — prophets or forecasters, adepts of mystic arts. They use powerful magic spells to crush enemy mobs.
  • Barbarian — a class that uses melee weapons in close combat. Barbarians focus on physical strength and hardness. Due to the high complexity of the combat system, this class is recommended only to experienced RoD players.
  • Ranger — fast archer with the lightest armour, that prefers duel ranged combat. Rangers also know lots of tricks and trap spells.
  • Thief — an ignoble warrior who uses the most robust and dishonest methods to win.
  • Vampire — users of vampiric abilities. They fill their powers with the blood of their enemies. These heroes also can't stand the sunlight.
  • Warrior — the most skilled and robust fighters. They rely only on their strength and weapons; warriors can't learn magic, and they have no mana.
  • Paladin — a priest with fighter abilities. These heroes are training to defend themselves and their allies.
  • Nephandi — servants of the dark Infernal masters, that use evil alignment to cast their spells.
  • Mage — users of arcana arts. Mages can protect allies and attack foes using their mystic power. Also, they are very good alchemists.
  • Fathomer — the adepts of the water element. They hide in shadows and kill their enemies by almost invisible fast attacks.
  • Druid — the class of protectors of nature. These heroes find their power in harmony with the natural wild. Druids are excellent healers and strong warriors at the same time.
  • Cleric — the fanatics of Gods, drawing their power from relics and blessings. They can heal the allies and provide various buffs for the team.
  • Bladesinger — the talented masters of the swordsmanship. These heroes rely on their swords, and they have a magical connection with them.