"Renaissance" event has begun in World of Tanks

World of Tanks Renaissance Event Update 1.11.1

The event "Renaissance" has started on the global map in cooperative tank shooter World of Tanks. In this new activity, you can receive a variety of premium tanks and other rewards. The event has started on January 11th and will last until January 25th. During this period, players will earn the resources necessary to assemble one of the four machines: IS-2M (VII), M56 Scorpion (VII), IS-5 (VIII) or Chieftain/T95 (VIII).

Battles will take place in 15x15 format on X level vehicles. The map is divided into three fronts, which differ in size, bonuses, and the number of glory points earned. The commander can save or spend the prizes in Lab in exchange for various rewards.

At the end of the event, players will have the opportunity to redeem their points for various rewards. The grand prize, however, is one of six X-level tanks to choose from: the Carro da Combattimento 45 t, Object 907, T95E6, M60, 121B or VK 72.01 (K).

Latest update 1.11.1 for multiplayer action game World of Tanks added new Italian heavy tanks of levels VII-X to the game. Their main feature is a refined refuelling mechanism, available from level VIII. When you make a shot, the process of charging the next projectile is not reset completely but gets a bonus to reload, depending on the time remaining.

Update 1.11.1 will also refine platoons' functionality, adding the ability to select squads in the hangar, not only from the list but also using additional sorting by the equipment level. The interface of the game will undergo changes based on popular user modifications. According to the developers, they will help make the WoT more convenient and the gameplay more enjoyable.