Results of the latest CBT of the Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol CBT Screenshot

Project Sky Blue finally summed up the results of the CBT of their fantasy MMORPG Blue Protocol. Unfortunately, we still haven't received any information about the release date, but the developers shared new details about the game. Mainly it's fixes of small mechanic's flaws and the aspects of gameplay that were added thanks to feedback from participants of the last test. We provide the translations of essential information shared during the stream:

1. The developers are looking for a way to improve the game's optimization and reduce the size of files, but it isn't easy to do because of the colossal scale of the central city.

2. Most likely, the HUD will be reworked. The possible new features of HUD are automatic resizing of the mini-map during the battle, mini-map of the dungeons, increased number of quests displayed on the screen and the ability to monitor their progress. Also, players have found the interface too small, and it will be increased in the next version.

3. Serious drawbacks were fixed: problems with characters respawn after death in the dungeon, errors with switching between channels, saving position on the map when switching between channels. Also, developers are fixing the problem with missclicking on NPCs or portals teleportation. Also, they plan to add several new features: the ability to join the channel of another player and create private channels.

4. The most significant changes will occur in the loot and craft system: the developers will increase the size of the inventory, add different ways to identify the rarity of the loot, expand the list of available consumables and add the ability to send unidentified items to the storage. As for the crafting system, its complexity will increase as the character develops, and the game will allow players to see the available recipes.

The date of the next CBT stage and the next live broadcast is still unknown; approximately 50,000 people took part in the survey for the CBT participants.

The full recording of the broadcast is placed below. Unfortunately, it's entirely in Japanese, and it has no gameplay footage because the developers decided to dedicate a stream to explain the changes in the project.