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RF Online Review

By EnKite | 06 September 2019
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RF Online is a korean sci-fi MMORPG, developed by CCR Inc. in 2004.

  • Colorful and vibrant mass battles
  • Interesting sci-fi setting
  • Three unique races
  • Open PvP

RF Online Gameplay

RF Online is a sci-fi MMORPG, in which technology and magic are closely intertwined, pushing three races to fight each other in an irreconcilable war that breaks out with a new force every 8 hours! The reason why so many people have loved the game for many years might be a rare combination of stylistics. In the game, magicians fight with robots and siege weapons! Moreover, it provides mass battles in the open world, while travelling to PvP raids or to gain control over resource mines.

Every 8 hours, a global server battle for resource mines takes place: all three factions are trying to destroy each other’s control terminal and at the same time keep their own. The war is the only place where massive attacks on members of your race are allowed. With players performing personal tasks, the war often turns into a slaughter of everyone against all.

Between wars, players kill monsters and fight with representatives of other races in locations open to PVP. Beginners have special locations where they can safely develop before they decide to join the battle. One-vs.-one battles often last for a long time and are mostly meaningless if you are approximately equal in level. This is because there are jars called pots in the game, which restore a part of the character's health and can be used without limits. In addition, there is a system of auto-use of jars built that literally does not allow your health to fall below the preset level.

There are three irreconcilable factions:

  • Alliance Cora - humanoid race, similar in appearance to the elves, able to use the magic of darkness for their own purposes, worshipping a dark deity.
  • Belato Federation - adepts of bright magicб squat, eagle-headed creatures. This race is featured by heaving a support class, the clerics able to cure the entire group.
  • Acretia Empire - the totalitarian empire of machines aiming at the total domination and expansion of territories.

Classes are different kinds of warriors, range classes, and others. Each race has its own unique classes and racial characteristics that others do not have.

RF Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics Card: 64 MB
  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
  • File Size: 3.5 GB
  • OS: Windows 98SE/2000/XP

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics Card: 128 MB
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP or better
  • File Size: 3.5 GB
  • OS: Windows XP