Riot Games revealed the new Valorant agent in action

Valorant Agent Yoru Episode 2 Retake

If you haven't checked early leaked gameplay video, you may like to have a first look at the gameplay of a new Valorant agent named Yoru. Nevertheless, if you're waiting for an update to the previous leaks, Riot Games' latest official video is definitely worth watching. It demonstrates the use of new skills against other players. Yoru can use a decoy to imitate the sound of footsteps, throw an unstable fragment that blinds enemies, and teleport between two specified points. On the other hand, the ultimate ability allows the character to move into a dimension where he is invulnerable and invisible to enemies.

The previous official video, titled "Retake," focuses on the upcoming launch of the first act of the second episode in Valorant, which is expected in January. It plays up the classic situation from the game, in which one team plants the bomb and the other team tries to prevent this. It also showcases a new character named Yoru. A video of his abilities has previously leaked online.

The new agent Yoru will become available with the start of the first act of the second episode in the cooperative shooter Valorant, which is scheduled for the release on January 13, 2021.