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Rogue Company Review

By BwwDtt | 16 June 2020
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Rogue Company is a network-based team shooter-blockbuster that will be released on all leading platforms in 2020.

  • Wide range of playable heroes
  • Unique visual style
  • Rich arsenal of weapons
  • Many PvP modes

Rogue Company Gameplay

In Rogue Company, players will involve in exciting battles, complete interesting tactical missions and use different heroes with unique styles. Plenty of agent characters, the rich arsenal of weapons and abilities, and many entertaining game modes will always provide something new for the players. In this game, you play as an operative of the elite top-secret mercenary syndicate, which operates secretly around the world and solves various tasks, including the elimination of criminals. Users can choose from the presented number of heroes with abilities, as well as weapons of their choice. Rogue Company will be released in 2020, and before the official release, it will go through several stages of testing. The PC version will be released as an exclusive of the Epic Games store.

The Agency is a secret organization; its elite agents are fighting dangerous criminals by fulfilling paid contracts. The Agency restores justice by bypassing unworkable laws. Only a few people know about this organization, and the Agency's operatives are indispensable for carrying out the most complex and dangerous tasks. As elite agents, players will be able to choose weapons to their liking, assemble a team and go to places of worship to fight online in various PVP modes.

Heroes use a variety of weapons, from sniper rifles to rocket launchers with homing shells. The trailer shows a character with a drone, use of the throwing weapons and bouncing grenades. According to the arsenal, the characters in Rogue Company are divided into classes. It is confirmed by the use of different weapons, as well as the distinctive appearance of each fighter.