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RPG MO Review

By BwwDtt | 29 March 2020
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RPG MO is a free-to-play sandbox 2D MMORPG developed and published by Marxnet.

  • Over thirty large worlds
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Wide variety of customizable items
  • Detailed pet customization

RPG MO Gameplay

RPG MO is an online role-playing world, which allows players to experience unique gameplay. You can learn spells and magic skills, armour and weapons to become formidable fighters, and the game offers to craft items and spells for yourself or others.

You can explore over thirty different maps with over than six hundred unique creatures and several dozen bosses. Players can become warriors and fights with weapons, choose a purely magical path or do both and create a hybrid character. The following stats affect the fighting abilities in PRG MO:

Health points show how much damage you can sustain before dying;
Defence reduces all incoming harm by a percentage;
Accuracy improves the hit rate with both weapons and spells;
Strength empowers melee blows of players;
Magic increases the outcoming damage with spells and effects;
Archery allows harming others on a distance.

Professions bring another element of character progression, and there are plenty available, such as:
Forging lets players craft heavy armour and weapons
Jewellery provides accessories and valuable collectables.
Carpentry allows to craft furniture and to build houses.
Cooking is for making food.
Alchemy creates potions to boost a character’s stats.
Breeding teaches techniques to create new pets.
Fletching is for archers to produce arrows.

One of the essential components of gameplay is a vibrant player market, where you can buy or sell any object or item to other participants. It is an actual free-to-play game, and the most desirable items are available for in-game currency that you can collect through gameplay features, such as completing quests, clearing dungeons and also by donating in the shop.

Everyone can catch and cook fish to replenish health or for selling, and there are other gathering options, such as:
Mining, which allows collection of stones and ores.
Woodcutting provides with more significant supplies of wood.
Farming brings consumable vegetables and other food.

Players can gather up into groups of four to explore a randomly generated dungeon. In multiplayer mode, you must kill all the creatures in the location before the timer expires to receive experience, coins or to search for hidden chests inside, sometimes you can find a bigger rare chest with ultimate rewards inside. Also, players can compete with each other in a global dungeon high score list which is always available in the game.

Player-versus-player map is for fighting in a friendly duel, for challenging other combatants or for finding a group to defeat a particular monster that contains some of the better items available in the game. You can also engage in PvP activities in the open world without entering specific locations.

You get an opportunity to acquire a private island, which you can use for growing food and breeding pets, you can combine them to create new stronger ones that increase your stats when you have the item equipped, or you can sell them on the global market.

RPG MO is an open sandbox world which allows you to create both environment and gameplay of your choice. It fits both casual and hardcore players because it provides a lot of unique aspects of the game. You could become a warrior, a trader or a mage, and if you put more effort into it, you can be all of it together.