RuneScape has received new storyline update

RuneScape Desperate Measures Update

A new chapter of the six-year storyline "Elder Gods" in old-school MMORPG RuneScape was continued with the release of an update which brings the "Desperate Measures" quest. The new mission was revealed on RuneFest 2019, and it reached the game only now. It continues the previous "Desperate Times" quest, which was released last year. The players with a premium subscription will be able to take part in the legendary adventure with new challenges and awards.

"Desperate Measures" continues the exploration of Anachronia, a long-forgotten land inhabited by wild creatures. In this quest, players will team up with the most famous RuneScape heroes to find Dragonkin Kerapac and the powerful artefact Needle. This one and the next updates require advanced Archaeology and Agility skills. You will also need to level up your hero to level 50 and complete the Desperate Times quest.