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Rush Team Review

By BwwDtt | 14 May 2020
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Rush Team is a browser-based first-person MMO shooter developed and published by Roka.

  • Various Game Modes
  • Different Kinds of Weapons
  • Immersive Progression System
  • Competitive Gameplay

Rush Team Gameplay

Rush Team is accessible through any browser, and that allows the players to enjoy the game without downloading any assets. You are only required to create an account to start the experience. There is an option to purchase VIP access that grants you increased experience gain, and you don't need to level up to gain access to the wider variety of weapons and accessories. Various objectives and killing other players give you experience points which are used to increase the level of the account, and that way, you may enjoy the game without purchasing anything from the in-game shop.

There are different types of weapons available in Rush Team. You may use a selection of melee weapons, such as knives, axes and swords. There also are different throwables, which include multiple types of grenades that have different effects. Pistols and guns can be used for ranged combat, and sniper rifles allow you to battle with the opponents on a significant range.

Rush Team features a selection of skins that don't have any effect on the gameplay; however, players can show them off in the game. You can choose one of a few standard skins, and you can also find more in the purchasable in-game packs. The treasures also reward the players with more weapons, and some of those can only be obtained through opening them.

Rush Team has the global scoreboard, and the players compete with each other completing in-game objectives to acquire more points and rank up. The game fits both casual and hardcore gamers because it has simple mechanics and easy to learn. However, competing against other players may be challenging and require you to practice along with acquiring a higher level to unlock the necessary tools to be able to defeat the most skilled opponents. Multiple game modes offer an immersive experience for different types of players.