Rust will not be launched on consoles this year

Rust Console Release PlayStation 4 Xbox One Release

Last year, Facepunch Studios announced that survival sandbox Rust would be launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within 2020. However, due to different reasons, including global pandemic, the game will not be released until the end of December. According to the Double Eleven studio which is engaged in the development of console versions, the release of Rust for consoles was hugely impacted by coronavirus pandemic, and the developers had to work from home. There is no new release window for entertainment, but it seems that the authors are marking in 2021. Also, the developers plan to share some news with fans of the game, following the project.

Probably, "something" mentioned by developers from the Double Eleven means the announcement of versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. It seems like the new release will also be scheduled for 2021. The current goal of the team is to make sure that the console version of Rust will be as good as the original game. The gameplay and other essential aspects of the project are already well-designed, so now the developers will focus on different vital aspects of development such as resource management and performance. There's not too much information about the features of the upcoming versions of the game; however, the developers already confirmed that the consoles players would also be able to run personal servers.