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Ryzom Review

By BwwDtt | 15 November 2019
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Ryzom is a sci-fi fantasy MMORPG with open world, developed by the Nevrax Studio in 2004.

  • Flexible system of character skills
  • A unique sci-fi fantasy setting
  • Weather change system
  • Advanced AI of the mobs and NPCs

Ryzom Gameplay

One of the main features of the Ryzom is the sci-fi fantasy setting. This game rejects the standard solutions of both Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and creates its unique design. The images of characters, animals and landscapes are entirely new to the minds of players.

Ryzom has one of the most challenging and most complicated game mechanics, and it has a vast living open-world, full of interesting NPCs, tricky animals and dangerous enemies. You can take your time with different activities, both PvE and PvP. Your character can find a profession, develop different skills, complete quests, or join a guild and take part in colossal battles between players.

When you start playing Ryzom, you need to create a character. First of all, you will have to pick the civilization and gender. The character editor has a wide variety of sliders so that you can create a completely individual hero.

The Ryzom has no classes, but you can choose additional focus on specific abilities during character creation. The skill trees that can be increased are fighting, magic, foraging and crafting.

During the game, your character will improve the skills and gain new abilities. There is no classic levelling system in Ryzom. The mechanics are simple: the more you use the skills, the more it increases through the game. For gaining the new skills, your character will get skill points. It can be used for buying the new abilities or upgrading the stats.

The battle mechanics of the game are based on the use of melee and ranged weapons and magic skills. The way your character will be armed depends on your character's predispositions. Physical weapons are more universal because different creatures in the world of Ryzom have different weak points. Your hero will acquire knowledge of the intricacies of magic during training.

Since the Ryzom has a player-driven economy, the system of craft is an essential part of the game process. All of the craftable items can be sold or traded with other players. At first, your character will be able to create only those objects that are peculiar to is civilization, but over time, it will be able to learn the techniques of other cultures.

Ryzom Civilizations

There are four civilizations in Ryzom. The representatives of different races have a different appearance, culture and stats.

  • Zoraï — slim tall creatures, natives of the hidden jungles. They live in harmony with nature and spend their lives in scientific research. This race has a strong union with a Kami civilization. Only Zoraï can craft electric weapons, cast electricity spells and teach the Medic and Magnetic Cartographer occupations.
  • Matis — the masters of agronomy, natural-born Botanics that are living in woods. Their unique skills are Poison spell and ability to craft Living Weapons. Only Matis can teach Florist and Scrollmaker professions.
  • Tryker — the civilization of adventurers and explorers. They suffered in the slavery of the Matis race. Now they are the one race that can be Water-Carriers and Larvesters.
  • Fyros — the brave warriors that are living in the desert. All of them are in love with battles and weapons. The representatives of this civilization can teach the toolmakers and butchers professions.

Ryzom Occupations

In Ryzom, eight occupations can be studied. Half of them are hard to learn; half is accessible to every player. Your character can have only three professions. All of them can be levelled up, each level of the occupation called grade.

Easy Occupations:
Your character can learn those professions in normal regions of the main locations, and it doesn't require a high level to get.

  • Florist — that occupation requires to harvest different flower species and take care of those that grow in the building of florists. This specialization increases sap regeneration.
  • Toolmaker — that profession involves gathering various materials and crafting simple weapons. The Toolmaker specialization increases the stamina of your character.
  • Water-Carrier — the masters of this profession are engaged with delivering and collecting water. Hard work increases their amount of health and sap.
  • Magnetic Cartographer — the goal of magnetic cartographers is to take readings of maps and deliver reports to specialists. They also have an increased number of HP and stamina points.

Hard Occupations:
To learn one of the hard occupations, you will have to send your character into the Kitins' Lair right at the beginning of the game.

  • Butcher — this profession gives you the ability to cut carcasses. The primary duty of butchers is to hunt down the animals. This profession increases the HP regeneration and stamina of your character.
  • Medic — the work of medics consists of healing NPCs, collecting useful plants, creating bandages and balsams. This occupation provides the improved HP regeneration for your hero.
  • Scrollmaker — the profession that requires harvesting larva and plants to create writing necessities. For your character, it increases the chances of successful craft.
  • Larvester — the occupation that involves the harvesting of the kitin larva. The representatives of this profession receive focused regeneration.

Ryzom System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL 1.2 or DirectX 9.0 with 32 MB VRAM
  • CPU: 1 GHz single core
  • File Size: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows Vista / OS X 10.8 / Linux SteamOS