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Saga of Lucimia Review

By Lissabonfox | 16 March 2020
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Saga of Lucimia is an indie fantasy MMORPG, developed by Stormhaven Studios that recreates an experience of tabletop games in a digital environment.

  • Significant impact of the player
  • Novel-based story
  • Social gameplay
  • Sandbox playstyle

Saga of Lucimia Gameplay

Saga of Lucimia is a classless MMORPG that allows the players to impact the world around them. Players get to choose favourite locations, character interactions, dungeons and best places to hunt. The process of exploring the game's world is similar to a famous tabletop RPG Dungeons&Dragons.

Saga of Lucimia doesn't have a classic HUB as many other MMORPGs do. Questing also doesn't show up on the screen, and the game doesn't give you the marker where to go. Minimap is absent as well. All of the interactions with NPCs and environment simulate the real-life experience as if the players were involved in realistic medieval conditions.

The Saga of Lucimia gameplay is aimed at the team playthrough. Developers say that the game has almost zero solo content. Solo play is available, but the difficulty of the playthrough rises significantly. Most of the quests are designed for a minimum party of three people. Dungeons can be cleared out in the party of eight players.

Quests of this MMORPGs cannot be done quickly. Players get to enjoy the story for hours, days and weeks before completing the chain of events. To survive outside of settlements, they would have to party with other players to fight the unfriendly environment. Outside the settlements' borders, there is a free PvP where players choose whether to assault a passerby or to be friendly and invite them on an adventure. NPC interactions tend to affect the world around players. In the long-term, there are many variations of things that will affect players' dialogue choices such as faction, alignment, dialogue skills (negotiate/diplomacy/intimidate/etc.). Developers intend on adding more complex chains of events in Saga of Lucimia, more dialogue options to choose from, providing full flexibility of the plot. All actions are going to have consequences. If the wrong choice is made, a player can upset the NPC, making them not talkative or cooperative. They can also get attacked or hunted by certain groups in the future.

Saga of Lucimia is a skill-based game with no experience points. The chief mechanic provides a choice of hundreds of skills to learn. Players set up a unique combination of skills while creating their character, developers grant freedom of choice in case of fighting and crafting abilities. Crafting also requires team play as the character cannot be able to learn all of the crafting skills available, and sometimes even one item demands the involvement of the whole party.

Despite Saga of Lucimia not having a class system, you can create popular fantasy archetypes as Warrior, Rogue, Healer and such. To max out the abilities of each character, players will have to team up and use them reasonably. Stealth is extremely limited in the world of this game. Some enemies can still sense players via smell or infravision. Stealth from sight is one of many skills required to get around unseen in the world.

Flexible party search will make travelling around the world of Saga of Lucimia comfortable even for casual and busy players.

Saga of Lucimia System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 10.0
  • CPU: DualCore 2,9 GHz
  • File Size: 28 GB
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10