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SAO's Legend Review

By EnKite | 07 October 2019
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SAO's Legend is a unique browser-based MMORPG, distributed according to the free-to-play model.

  • Pleasant visual design
  • Interesting storyline
  • Many in-game events
  • Guild creation function

The game was developed by the Chinese studio «Global Greyson Ltd.» The release and localization were done by the «Gaforu studio.» The game plot is a retelling of the events taking place in the original animated series «Sword Art Online,» according to which this game was developed.

The action takes place in the digital future, where the technological development of humankind reaches unprecedented heights. Thanks to the efforts of an ingenious developer, every computer game fan get the opportunity to get into the game literally. Technology that allows you to transfer the consciousness of a gamer into virtual reality fully explodes the worldwide market. Thousands of users purchase virtual reality helmets, trying to make their dreams come true; however, in one moment, the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. Following the canons of the anime, the game world of SAO's Legend becomes a prison for all gamers. The developer sets an ultimatum: either one of the players goes through the entire main questline of the «Sword Arts Online,» which is a 100 level Aincrad tower, or all users would be trapped forever in this VRMMORPG without the possibility of leaving it. The main danger of a seemingly simple task is the direct connection of the life functionality of the game character and its owner. The death of an avatar leads to the end of a player in real life.

«SAO's Legend» is a classic browser-based top view Action-RPG. The gameplay is similar to the legendary Diablo trilogy. The main feature is the mouse-only control. The main task will be the consistent passage of a storyline with gradually increasing difficulty. All missions are divided into blocks representing game chapters. Quests will mainly be associated with the destruction of enemies in various locations. Just like in similar projects (e.g., Bloody Pirate 2 and Ninja World Online), the passage process is almost entirely automated. The characters leveling up is quite a simple task, as well as a storyline walkthrough. However, in addition to the classic story missions, the developers also provided other in-game entertainments to dilute the routine automatism of SAOs Legend. These include daily events, boss fights, and PvP battles.

This game also catches with its visual component. Artists worked hard: well-designed detailed character models and a pleasant-looking gaming environment. Smooth animation and colorful special effects also don't go unnoticed. Moreover, all of this is supported by a soundtrack that fits well with the gameplay. At the start, SAO's Legend offers a choice of four different classes: swordsman, priest, archer, and knight. In the future, you should raise the character's power through a unique skill tree, which gives some variation in the battle. In addition to the course of increasing the level, it will be necessary to grind to improve the character's equipment. As in all free-to-play projects, there is an in-game purchase system. It is unobtrusive, but greatly simplifies the gameplay and helps to stand out among other players. SAO's Legend is an attractive browser-based MMORPG that will appeal to all fans of «Sword Art Online» anime.