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Scarlet Nexus Review

By BwwDtt | 12 December 2020
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Scarlet Nexus is an anime-style action-adventure game set in a world in the distant future invaded by dangerous monsters that cannot be wounded or killed with ordinary weapons.

  • Unique psychokinetic combat system
  • Challenging and interesting battles with bosses
  • Atmospheric futuristic Japanese city of the future
  • Deep story with unexpected plot twists

Scarlet Nexus Gameplay

Scarlet Nexus, which is announced as the beginning of a new game series, is being developed by Bandai Namco, the creators of the "Tales Of" series. According to the plot of the game, in the distant future, scientists discovered a psionic hormone in the human brain capable of giving carriers psychic abilities. It changed the world forever. But as soon as humanity began to enter the new era, their wellbeing was endangered by the new unknown threat. The world of the Scarlet Nexus has been invaded by Others—monsters which cannot be wounded or killed by usual weapons. Virtually invulnerable to the usual methods of warfare, they forced humanity to resort to extreme measures to protect their species. Only the members of OSF, an organization that employs psychokinetic people, can stand against them.

In this world, all people are connected through the Psi Network, which is an ultimate social network. People with unusual psychic abilities called psionics became a key weapon against the new threat. Special units were created to seek them out and recruit them into the Other Suppression Force, the last bastion of the human race. The main character's name is Yuito Sumeragi, and he has psychokinetic abilities. The protagonist is sent to the futuristic city of New Himuka to confront various threats and uncover numerous secrets.

Another main character is Kasane Randall; she is a recruit in a special department for fighting monsters and has psychokinesis abilities too. By nature, Kasane is calm, rational, and indifferent to others. She graduated top of her class from army training school and has exceptional fighting instincts. If you choose to play Scarlet Nexus as Kasane, you will see a different perspective on history and get new different gameplay experience.

During battles, players will be able to make extensive use of the environment to defeat the enemies, and Yuito's superpowers will help in this. And in peacetime, he will have to find common ground with his comrades-in-arms and discover the secrets of the game world. You will be able to use psychokinetic abilities against enemies, manipulate the environment and conduct combos. You will also have to complete story missions and save humanity from extinction.

Producer Keita Iizuka explained the concept of the project and its title: Scarlet refers to the colour red, and Nexus refers to the idea of connection. The visual reflection of this concept is objects or people connected by a red line. According to Scarlet Nexus art director Kouta Ochiai, the developers wanted to reflect this idea in different ways; and that's why they talk about red threads that connect you to your buddies.