Sci-Fi farm life simulator One Lonely Outpost received a Steam page

One Lonely Outpost 4 Player Multiplayer Coop Steam Page And Release Date

Indie game One Lonely Outpost is slowly getting closer to release date: not long ago, the developers successfully completed the campaign on Kickstarter. Instead of developing a complete clone of the popular games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, the developers decided to bring something new in the classic concept of farm life simulation.

First of all, the events of the game are set on a distant planet far away in space. In One Lonely Outpost, players will have to play the role of a colony leader with a variety of advanced technologies from crop farming and synthetic manufacturing to robotic animal husbandry. There will also be communication with numerous NPC, as well as the system of romantic relationships. The result of all the actions made by the player will be a large-scale village.

Most likely, the game will be released at the end of 2021 on Steam. It will also feature built-in cooperative multiplayer game mode for up to four people. In One Lonely Outpost, players start with a standard small village. They will have to grow various plants, modify them with genetic engineering, raise robotic cows and complete all other duties of the space farmer. Also, the project has economy and trade functions, as well as a storyline with a lot of quests. The game has a pleasant pixel graphics style, inspired by old-school projects and popular indie farming games like Stardew Valley. However, it's not a simple copy: it definitely has catchy visuals and features, which will be interesting for the fans of this genre.