Sea of Thieves will receive a system of seasons with battle passes

Sea of Thieves Battle Pass and Seasons Announce

Pirate multiplayer action Sea of Thieves has received the system of seasons, which is familiar to modern game services. Each season will last for three months, and the first will start in January 2021. Together with the beginning of the season, the developers plan to release major content updates. It will be available in the new battle passes, which traditionally will be available in free and paid versions.

The battle pass is designed classically: it has 100 levels, progress is similar to the usual gameplay, but there are also unique quests. The battle passes include clothes for your pirate and cosmetics for the ship. The pass is free, but if you want you can buy a paid version and get even more awards.

Every month in Sea of Thieves is going to happen special events like the Halloween Fate of the Damned. Smaller events, which are launched more often than once a month, will also stay in the game.

Unfortunately, PvP-mode "Arena" did not meet the expectations of Rare Studio because if has earned extremely low popularity among players, so its support stops. The mode itself will not be removed from the game, but you should not wait for any innovations. The developers also boasted another achievement of Sea of Thieves: over 15 million people have played this game.

One of the key features of the game is party interaction, brought to a new level. During the hot sea battles, the players have to serve their ship and skillfully distribute the roles to control the ship, patch up the holes, take care of the sails, scorch the guns, go onboard and everything like that. A skilful team game should be the key to success.