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Seafight Review

By BwwDtt | 04 November 2019
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Seafight is an old-school sailing MMO game, developed by Bigpoint Games in 2006.

  • Huge immersive community
  • Unusual gameplay and convenient navigation
  • Lots of interesting quests
  • Dynamic PvP battles

Seafight Gameplay

Seafight is an old-school MMO game. There is no tutorial or other introductions that will be explaining the game basics. You need to guess yourself to open the quests section and begin to complete tasks. Despite such a beginner-unfriendly start, you can quickly figure out all the basic mechanics during quests.

The Seafight has beautiful retro visuals that look good even more than ten years after the release of the game, the graphics of this game do not look obsolete or repulsive. Thanks to the fashion for retro styling, the game seems quite modern.

Also, due to undemanding graphics and simple animations, Seafight does not need a powerful computer to run the game. You can play even on an old computer without a video card and not experience any inconvenience. It is undoubtedly a useful feature for those players who do not have a reliable computer.

In the Seafight, you do not have to create your character. There are also no factions here. You cannot customize anything except your ship.
To the great pleasure of the players, this function in the game is made very well. You can choose any game style by changing equipment on the ship, putting additional weapons on it and changing the boat itself.

The game has many different tasks, but basically, they are all built on the same principle. In PvE quests, you will have to grind a lot to gather the required amount of materials or kill enough enemies. In turn, PvP quests thought-out much better. The game will allow you to take part in detailed and exciting battles with a vast number of different players.

Seafight has both PvE and PvP maps. First ones are good for newbies or players who want to explore the world without fear of being attacked by someone. The PvP maps are designed for real pirates who wish to arrange a massacre in the middle of the ocean. Here you can arrange an immense naval battle with many players. You can also team up with your friends and attack the enemy at the same time.

Since the Seafight is a PvP-oriented game, there are also lots of different PvP activities. For example, you can join massive fleet raids or start a duel with other ship. But if you want to win in every naval battle, you will have to craft or buy good equipment and develop your abilities as a pirate ship commander. If you do not know how to handle the ship, even the most expensive guns will not help you to defeat your enemy.

Be careful and do not go to the PvP zones if you are new to the game and have weak weapons. Most likely, players with high-level ammunition will want to rob you or storm your ship for fun. Also, be nice when you chat with other gamers, because if you offend somebody, this player can ruin your gameplay to take revenge.

The game has monthly updates and events. The developers also add exclusive competitions related to the upcoming holidays. You will always have something to do if you have already completed the main quests.

Unfortunately, as in other games made by Bigpoint Games, Seafight is based on the principle of "pay to win." You will have to give a lot of money to develop to the level of old players quickly. If you do not want to spend money on the development, then at first you will have to spend a lot of time levelling up your ship yourself.

If you always dreamed of trying yourself as a captain of a pirate ship and you are not afraid of confrontation with more experienced players, then Seafight is the game for you.