Second Extinction will be released in early access on October 13th

Second Extinction Online Cooperative Shooter with Dinosaurs Early Access Release

The developer of a first-person shooter with dinosaurs Second Extinction announced the date of the early access release. The game will appear in the early access on PC on October 13th in Steam. In the future, the developer is planning to release the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, but they haven't announced the release date yet.

Systemic Reaction Studio recommended playing the Second Extinction exclusively in the cooperative mode because the early access version of the game is not balanced enough for comfortable single-player gameplay. Also, the release version will be much more stable and contain more content, including new dinosaurs, difficulty levels, additional weapons, experimental game modes, seasonal content and more.

Second Extinction is a first-person shooter featuring cooperative gameplay for three players. The action of the game is set in the distant future, where mutated dinosaurs conquered most of the world. Players will have to destroy enemies using different weapons, unite with teammates and together save the world from the prehistoric reptiles.