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Serenia Fantasy Review

By BwwDtt | 28 February 2020
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Serenia Fantasy is a 2D real-time combat browser-based MMORPG developed by KoramGame.

  • Anime-inspired visual style
  • Wide variety of gameplay modes
  • Detailed animations
  • Relaxing and immersive gameplay

Serenia Fantasy Gameplay

Serenia Fantasy will introduce you to a beautiful world full of other players, completing the assigned quests for in-game currency. The game has more cartoon-like animations and detailed Pixel graphics compared to the other 2D RPGs. Serenia stands out from other MMOs due to the numerous play modes which take the gameplay to a higher standard. Users enjoy attempting the following modes: Masquerade, Werewolf Hunting, the Bonfire Gold Filling, Soul Collecting or Corpse Pulling format, as each contains special prizes and hidden locations. In these competitions, players can farm extra experience points and exclusive rewards by defeating numerous monsters and bosses.

Serenia Fantasy allows partial freedom for the player since the automatic combat is implemented. Unfortunately, you can't switch it off, but you can guide the way the characters go and which combos they are using. These styles can be operated through the menu by dragging them into the action bar.

This RPG offers a classic combat system allowing the users to team up. The guilds can be joined from level 1, but to own one, you will have to wait for level 20. Engaging with other players is possible through the chat or friends list. The PvP mode is available after you switch your attack mode.

With the help of arrows and red circles, Serenia Fantasy provides a straightforward explanation of the main processes. To accept the task or earn the reward, you will have to engage with the NPC villagers by clicking on the tabs. The most exciting part comes when you receive minor perks every few minutes. You can collect limitless costume quantity with unique stats to increase your character's abilities. Moreover, it is possible to cosplay well-known anime heroes and show-off your style to other players.

The only way to change the appearance of the hero is to apply the spirit. Spirits can turn a player into any monster they were fighting, improve character's statistics and release special skills such as opening portals. You can gain a spirit by hatching an egg, gathered from elite monsters or wild bosses.

The inventory sorts all the items in sections and provides ample space for the storage. This feature allows you to complete various quests, before you need to sell your loot, thus saving you some extra time you might need to complete an additional quest before you have to go. There is a wide variety of skills evolutions which show a great diversity of combat modes. You can enhance these skills with coins; each stage of upgrade will require more money to pay.

Some monsters will consume your stamina and energy, which usually restore automatically. The potions can help you to regain stamina levels, HP or MP faster than resting. They are beneficial as you go on adventures. You can either collect the ingredients and create the potions or receive them after completing a mission. The crafting systems of Serenia Fantasy will allow you to build not only potions but also weapons, armour and jewellery.

You can use your points to improve your skill levels. Those can be obtained by completing the quests. Therefore, it adds the necessity of grinding to boost your character. On the one hand, that balances the game, as your hero will become stronger, the more you play it. On the other hand, it puts casual gamers, who do not have much time to play in disadvantage, as those who can spend hours grinding will be able to have more boosted characters.

Serenia Fantasy Classes

You can choose the character from 3 classes with nine talents. There is no customization available, but you can select their gender.

  • Warrior: This type is best for beginners because of their enormous defence. Warriors have the least Magic Points, but they can reduce the distance between the mobs with Air Slash.
  • Ranger: This hero attacks the enemies from a distance, which contributes to their survivability. Rangers are irreplaceable in a co-play as their speed makes them the optimal kiters.
  • Mage: They have the most significant AoE attacks and can perform crowd control or destroy a target before it reaches them. This type can thrive without the co-play as they can be easily defeated due to low HP.