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Shadow Worlds Review

By BwwDtt | 20 April 2020
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Shadow Worlds is a 2D MMORPG developed and published by Epoch of Shadow.

  • Hardcore old-school gameplay
  • Large open world
  • Hundreds of items and abilities
  • In-depth PvP system

Shadow Worlds Gameplay

Shadow Worlds provides players with an opportunity to immerse into the 2D fantasy world full of dungeons, enemies and secrets. You start the experience with the character creation: first, you need to choose the server, then pick a name and gender for the hero, and after that, you will be asked to select a race.

  • Elves are good with long-range weapons and magic.
  • Gnomes have a lot of endurance and physical power.
  • Orcs are excellent mighty warriors.
  • Humans are average in all areas.

After your character appears in the game, you must distribute base and skill points of the attributes and choose the abilities you prefer. This feature allows players to create unique heroes with comfortable playstyles. Shadow Worlds features the open skill system which affects all the actions you do; it means that characters must practice using weapons or spells to master them. Every time you use anything in combat, it has a chance to gain a skill point, so the next time your skill will be more powerful.

Each attribute affects various aspects of the game:

Strength affects the maximum weight character can carry, and it also improves defence and attack power.
Endurance sets the maximum number of health points; it also affects the weight character can carry.
Wisdom grants bonus damage to magic attacks. The more you develop this attribute, the more different spells you will be able to use.
Luck affects your chances to lockpick and to steal successfully; it also improves other luck-based effects.
Dexterity is the main attribute for long-range fighters; it increases the damage from bows and the critical hit chance.
Intelligence is a universal parameter that grants bonuses to all other attributes and skills.

The game also features various professions which you can use for gathering or crafting. Fishing allows the player to catch and cook fish, mining helps to gather ores and stones, blacksmithing is for creating gear and weapons, and Rune Magic will enable you to forge magic gems to use new spells and improve old ones.

Players can create guilds and invite others to join them to explore the world together, and there are boss encounters, which require groups to engage.

Shadow Worlds is suitable both for hardcore players and lovers of classic games. Its community supports and the project and welcomes new members with hundreds of different guides and articles.