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Shadowbound Review

By BwwDtt | 26 November 2019
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Shadowbound is a strategy MMORPG game in the fantasy genre, developed by R2 Games in 2014.

  • Turn-based dynamic combat
  • Autopath and autoplay functions
  • Lots of various companions and pets
  • A complex system of dungeons

Shadowbound Gameplay

Shadowbound is a simple strategy RPG with a classic combat system and an enjoyable plot. The main plot of the game is quite simple: it's the popular cliche about an invincible hero, that was randomly chosen to save the world. Quests are also typical, but all of the NPCs have unique characters and goals. Besides the main storyline, the game has various features, such as duel arenas, daily events, guild and social activities, and moreover.

When you start the game for the first time, you have to create a hero. Character editor in Shadowbound has only functional part; that means, you can't change the appearance of the hero or its background, but you have a choice of class, gender and name. Character customization is available trough purchases in the in-game shop. Also, each character can get the Wings that increases stats and changes the visual appearance.

One of the main features in Shadowbound are mercenaries. There are lots of them, and each one has unique abilities and skills. The Mercs have six levels of quality. You can equip weapons and armour on them, add talismans, astral and various upgrades.

Pet system is very similar to mercenaries, but they have unique equipment sets, skills and upgrade systems. Some pets called Mounts can give your character unique buffs and increase stats. Their abilities can be upgraded to increase the efficiency of the bonuses. Also, mounts can get skins that provide additional stat bonuses. Moreover, you can train your mount to use different battle skills, that depends on the class of your character.

Battle System

Shadowbound has two types of combat activities: PvE quests and PvP battles. The Shadowbound is more PvP-oriented so that you can participate in lots of various tournaments and competitions. The game has Arena, where players can try out their power. There are several PvP modes, such as 3v3 battle, or 8v8 Rumble. In rumble mode, you will have to collect crystals faster than another team.

Another PvP competition is Heroic Battle. It's the colossal cross-server PvP event, divided into two stages. In the first Group Stage, players are fighting in teams 5x5 to reach the second step, Elimination, where 32 players are competing in pairs to reach the champion status. In this mode, the players matched randomly. All of the participants are getting rewards, but the tournament champion will get the mysterious mount and wing shards.

There are also severe PvE activities, such as quest dungeons, treasure crusades and world boss. Most of the story tasks will send you to kill mobs, ruled by computer AI. It's simple and brings a lot of resources and experience. Daily quests aimed precisely at levelling your character faster. In the Crusades, your goal is to clear all of the 15 stages. You can select up to six mercenaries and one pet to help you.

World Boss is special events, where you can fight the horrific mighty Dragon to get gold and vouchers. Your character should have the best equipment and skills because Boss NPC is powerful and fast.

Shadowbound Classes

Shadowbound has three simple classes, usual for all RPG games.

  • Warrior — a tank class with durable heavy armour. They prefer close melee combat.
  • Mage — an adept of arcana arts. Mages are usually ranged heroes that know lots of supportive spells and buffs.
  • Hunter — the primary damage dealer, ranged class with low HP, fast speed and very high damage rate. It's the best PvE class.