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Shadowverse CCG Review

By BwwDtt | 24 July 2020
Average: 6.3 (3 votes)

Shadowverse CCG is a multiplayer strategic digital card game, with an immersive storyline and exciting battles.

  • PvE and PvP modes
  • Wide variety of cards
  • Amazing art style
  • Regular updates

Shadowverse CCG Gameplay

Initially, the project was developed by Japanese studio Cygames for mobile devices, but soon it became very popular, and they re-released it for the PC.

Players here can choose one of seven heroes, each of which has its own unique set of maps, consisting of spells, followers and relics. Among other things, there is a system of "evolution" maps: all of them have the potential to increase the rate of attack, protection and the addition of many tactical effects.

At the moment, Shadowverse has more than 400 beautifully drawn fantasy cards, and their number is growing with every update. As for the plot, it has is a fully voiced storyline and extensive campaign.

The main feature and the main game mechanics of TCG Shadowverse is the system of evolution of creatures. It allows you to improve each card out on the table up to 2 grades. After amplification, the creature not only gets +2/+2 to the Strength and Health but also receives a breakthrough to attack the enemies. If the card has just been placed on the table, it cannot attack heroes.

The second pleasant feature of Shadowverse is its atmosphere, which fully immerses players in combat. Very nicely drawn game characters and maps, standard for Japanese games storyline based on the confrontation, as well as delightful music and sound—all this has a positive impact.

The resources present in the project are essences, gold and VIP tickets. Gold is necessary for all deals in the gaming store: you can purchase the packages with cards, cosmetics, and avatars for heroes. Essences are spent to create cards for your deck. Both resources can be obtained in sufficient quantity for daily tasks, battles, and game achievements.

The game has both PvP and PvE content; the first one consists of rating battles and Arena, and the second one is the storyline and battles with AI. The most useful content for a beginner at the initial stage is PvE, and that's why the developers decided to give all players who complete the storyline a lot of awards so that they can get the right amount of cards and then go to battles with each other.

Shadowverse CCG System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GT 640/Radeon HD 5770
  • CPU: Core i3-3225/AMD A8-7650K
  • File Size: 6.7 GB
  • OS: Windows 8.1/10 (64-bit)