Slime Paradise event started in Genshin Impact

Slime Paradise Lantern Rite Festival Genshin Impact February 2021

miHoYo has launched a "Slime Paradise" event for the action-adventure RPG Genshin Impact. It takes place not in the game itself, but on the official website, and will end on January 31st, 2021.

Users can buy decorations and set them up in paradise during the event, which attracts special slimes and other monsters. Slime coins are required to purchase decorations in the store, which are earned by completing daily quests. Players can obtain various rewards by exchanging Slime Coins received in the following ways: by completing special quests, purchasing jewellery, and as gifts from monsters.

Slime Paradise Event Genshin Impact
At the moment, the Slime Paradise event is only running on PC, iOS and Android, and it will start later on PlayStation 4.

In addition to the slime event, miHoYo studio announced that the first Genshin Impact update of the new year would be released on February 3rd. And it will appear in the game along with the ancient festival, the Liyue Harbor Lantern Rite Festival.

At the end of the festival, people always make wishes and release sky lanterns into the sky. The people of Liyue believe that these lanterns can bring home the lost souls of fallen heroes. But this event requires elaborate preparations divided into three stages.

Players will have to help with the festival's preparations by increasing the score with each new task completed. During this period, merchants will have new merchandise, and the streets of Liyue can test themselves in mini-games: for example, in defence of the Theater Mechanicus tower.

Through the Lantern Rite Festival's storyline missions, players will earn tons of rewards and resources, including more than 1,600 Primogems. And in the event finale, all participants will receive one four-star character from Liyue for free.