SMITE received a new hero from the Japanese pantheon of gods

SMITE MOBA Game Danzaburou Character Release December 2020

The developers of fantasy MOBA SMITE have released the final update for 2020. The patch titled "The Legendary Tanuki" added a new hero Danzaburou from the Japanese pantheon of gods to the character roster.

This hunter seeks not only for enemies and prey but also gold. His passive ability allows him to get more currency than the others, and active skills look funny at all. The character can throw bags of money and provoke enemies with bottles of sake. It's also possible to change his appearance to a bamboo rocket.

In addition to the update, the developers also summed up the results of the passing year. For 2020 for the game came out 12 major patches, five new gods, seven events and six battle passes. Also, Smite has reached the record in the number of simultaneous players on Steam after the release of the crossover "SMITE x Avatar". The number of people on the servers peaked at 30,000.

The developers updated the maps, returned the limited adventures, launched the game on the Epic Games Store, and many gameplay improvements were made.