Smite will receive skins from the Avatar

SMITE Avatar Trailer Screenshot

The developers have published some news for Smite and Avatar fans: Aang, Zuko and Korra will be added to the game with the next battle pass. Battle pass of June 2020 is created in collaboration with Nickelodeon; there will be no new gods, but only skins for the already existing characters. Smite's team previously posted a teaser trailer showing items that will be included in the Battle Pass in July 2020.

Each Avatar character will be available as two skins, one of which is available on the Prestige Track. As revealed in the teaser trailer, Aang is Merlin's skin with the Prestige version of Avatar Aang, Zuko is Susano's skin with his Prestige version of Susano's Blue Spirit, and Korra is Scadi's skin with the Prestige version of Avatar Corra.