The Snowstorm event is back in Crossout

Crossout Winter Event Snowstorm December 2020

The multiplayer action game Crossout has received the "Snowstorm" event, and the pre-Christmas holidays have begun. In the temporary "Present heist" mode, which will be available until January 17th, 2021, players will have to defend the truck while loading/unloading gifts from attacks by Gronch minions, as well as protect it while moving between bases. If you success in this event, survivors will receive the resource "Crackers" needed to exchange for special rewards from "Lost and found explosives" workbench.

Until January 12th, 2021, unique offers will become available daily on the special "Lost and found explosives" workbench, where specific parts can be improved for Crackers and other resources/parts and guaranteed to receive a predetermined set of improvements. Last year's special medals, such as "Present manager," "Cracker collector," and "Henry's Helper," can also be obtained in the current event. Also, all garages received new holiday decorations for the duration of Snowstorm.

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action, in which you can assemble from dozens of parts an armoured vehicle of unique design, and then fight on it in hot multiplayer battles. The game features unique vehicles created by the players from available parts - from manoeuvrable buggies to heavy tracked all-terrain vehicles and anti-gravity combat platforms.