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Soldiers Inc. Review

By BwwDtt | 21 September 2020
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Soldiers Inc. is an online browser-based strategy set in 2019, when a full-scale resource war on the African continent began.

  • High-quality graphics with 3D elements
  • Detailed plot
  • Different ways of interaction
  • Plenty of missions, buildings and units

Soldiers Inc. Gameplay

In Soldiers Inc., players have to build a station in the desert area, initially called the base. It's possible to place various field centres, barracks, and docks to produce resources and troops. After a period of invulnerability has passed (3 days), it will be possible to participate in battles with neighbours, which involve as many military units as possible. All the action in the game is usually implemented as part of alliances with other players.

Browser turn-based strategy game Soldiers Inc. is dedicated to military actions in the future, where the player will work to develop the base and fight against enemies. This strategy is developed by Plarium, a company known for projects such as Sparta or Throne Wars.

Soldiers Inc. features an introduction questline, which is quite an excellent place to train the skills. It is a set of missions in which you will be able to explore what you should do first, what you can postpone, and what is best not to do at all. You will have to go through all these tasks carefully because they tell you everything needed to succeed. The introduction explains which buttons to press and how to deal with resource management.

The gameplay can be divided into two main parts, which are present in most classic strategies. These are base development and military action. The mos immersive non-combat part of the gameplay features the construction and improvement of buildings, then the receipt and storage of resources, and finally, various studies. When it comes to construction, there are several types of buildings in the game.

Buildings for extracting resources are significant, especially at an early stage in the game, because without enough materials it is merely impossible to develop. Military facilities are used to build the army. There are also buildings for defending the base, command buildings that improve the characteristics of everything you have, and even the decorative structures.

No MMO can be complete without interaction between players. First of all, the PvP combat in Soldiers Inc. is very well done. Everything is simple and straightforward, but not boring at all. By the way, it will not be possible to blow up the entire enemy base to ashes: the game has such a thing as a bunker in which you can hide extra troops and resources, and they will no longer be available to the enemy.

You should only attack your neighbours if you are fully confident that you will win. In most cases, in Soldiers Inc, it is better to trade with other players, because it provides much more profit. However, each player chooses the gameplay style personally. You can fence yourself off from everyone and develop on your own, or you can team up with other players to create a corporation that can become great in the future.