Soon you will be able to work as a food delivery guy in Genshin Impact

While It's Warm Genshin Impact Event

The miHoYo studio presented another event called "While It's Warm", which will be launched at Genshin Impact. It will start on December 11th at 10:00 and will last until December 18th. All users who have reached the 20th adventure rank will be able to take part in the event.

During this event, you will take on the role of a food provider. On a special page you will find orders from Sara from "Good Hunter", Smiley Yanxiao from the Wangshu Inn and chef Mao from the restaurant Wanmin Restaurant. But not everything is so simple: these quests usually have certain conditions due to which you will have to avoid certain situations, such as flying, climbing, taking damage, sprinting or exposure to elements.

Genshin Impact Good Hunter Sara Mondstadt While It's Warm Event
The first event-related NPC is Sara from the Good Hunter restaraunt in Mondstadt. You will find her in the first hours of gameplay, because she provides plenty of useful recipes, food and ingredients.

For each order you deliver, you are entitled to a reward. After completing all three orders per day, you can receive the Primogems. There are also combat jobs that will help you develop up the adventure rank more quickly.

Genshin Impact Wangshu Inn Smiley Yanxiao While It's Warm Event
It may be quite tricky to find Smiley Yanxiao for the first time, because this chief works at the bottom floor of Wangshu Inn. You can reach this floor by simply gliding down the staris inside of the Inn. You can also receive an almond tofu recipe in this location: all you have to do is to investigate the table near Smiley.

Genshin Impact Wanmin Restraunt Chef Mao Liyue While It's Warm Event
Wanmin Restraunt is located in the middle of the harbor city Liyue. Here you can find the Chef Mao, one of the event-related NPCs and father of one of the playable heroes, the Xiangling. This talented girl also works in Wanmin Restraunt as the Head Chief.

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