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SoulWorker Review

By BwwDtt | 26 December 2019
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SoulWorker is a free-to-play anime MMORPG with an action combat system, featuring sophisticated skill combos.

  • Many characters with different gameplay styles
  • Customizable appearance of the heroes
  • Dozens of picturesque locations to explore
  • Exciting, dynamic battles

SoulWorker Gameplay

The game features several playable characters that specialize in different types of weapons and abilities. The character models are highly stylized, so they look like heroes of anime series, released in the 3D world.

SoulWorker features unique ultra-dynamic rapid combat containing numerous amount of complex skill combinations, with impressive animations and visual effects of abilities. The game features both PvP and PvE, but the game is not oriented on combats, in which only players are involved. The PvE gameplay is classic for RPG projects: the players are provided with an opportunity to play the story quests alone, or unite with other characters and join the group adventure. The world of SoulWorker is divided into several locations, restricted by level, and dungeons — the area where players can fight with demons.

The SoulWorker has a guild system so that players can gather up with others, which follows a similar goal in the game. Some guilds are oriented on a specific purpose, such as skill development, and some unite only players with identical gameplay styles. The membership offers several valuable benefits, such as guild inventory, coffers, exclusive skills and moreover.

The characters of the SoulWorker can be customized with different pieces of armour, weapons, and specific decorative equipment called Fashions. Also, you can buff the stats of your hero with various accessories, such as earrings, rings and amulets, and exclusive Brooches — the decorative accessories. All of the pieces of the equipment are craftable, due to well-developed craft system in this game. Players can create and upgrade different items, using the materials obtained during the gameplay.

SoulWorker Classes

  • Lily Bloomerchen — this girl has lost her best friend. Her terrible soul pain created a dangerous tool called Mist Scythe. Using this weapon, she deals with demons in the cruellest and bloody way.
  • Haru Estia — a kind and shy girl, driven by a desire for revenge for her family. She lost her mother in a terrible catastrophe, and after that, she vowed to find and put an end to the one who caused her so much pain. Despite her innocuous appearance, she has a steel character and brave soul. The flame of her emotions created a massive greatsword called Soulum.
  • Stella Unibel — one of the youngest heroes of the SoulWorker. She’s a talented musician, who plays the mystic electric guitar, which is a haven for a friendly demon. This girl is safe under his protection, and at the same time, playing this instrument, she can cause severe damage to her enemies.
  • Isir Yuma — a girl who lost all her family members. Her soul is full of hate and rage, and she has no mercy for the enemies and demonic creatures. The prefered weapon of this character is overwhelmingly powerful laser cannon.
  • Erwin Arclight — an ex-star of TV shows, the charismatic and handsome young warrior. He’s a talented genius, gifted at game development. He becomes a SoulWorker just out of interest because he was bored. The weapon of this character is dual laser guns, called Gun Jazz.
  • Jin Seipatsu — a young master of martial arts, who is burdened by responsibility for a tragedy that claimed the lives of many people. Thanks to his abilities, he can fight using heavy weapons similar to brass knuckles.
  • Chii Aruel — a talented swordsman with cute appearance and long pink hair. She’s a powerful tank hero, who can slash the hordes of enemies with no significant effort.

SoulWorker System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GT440
  • CPU: Intel Core2 duo E8300
  • File Size: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 32 bit

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
  • CPU: Pentium core i5
  • File Size: 5 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit