Spellbreak has launched in Steam with the first story chapter

Spellbreak Fantasy Battle Royale Steam Release & Chapter 1 Launch

The third-person multiplayer action game Spellbreak, which was available only on PC on Epic Games Store, became available on Steam. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer and cross-progression, so if you've played it before, then you do not have to start from scratch.

Along with the launch of Spellbreak on Steam, the developers released a significant update marking the beginning of the first chapter of The Spellstorm. Players will experience 72 new quests, 50 levels of rewards, as well as a story that tells the origins of magical power. Throughout the chapter, the world itself will become expanded with new gameplay elements as the story progresses. The story quests are free to all, while the honour quests require the purchase of a chapter pass. The update also made a considerable number of balance edits and fixed numerous bugs; you can find the full list of changes on the official Reddit page.

Spellbreak is a new version of Battle Royale game with mages in the lead role, which was developed by studio Proletariat. The project has attractive cartoonish graphics and dynamic gameplay that immerses players into thick of the combat. All magical spells are used by users depending on the class. There are 11 classes in total, and the damage types are fire, ice, lightning, stone, wind and poison; attacks can also be combined.