Spellbreak will receive new story-driven quests with the next significant update

Battle Royale Spellbreak Missions & Progression System Release December 15th 2020

Indie game studio Proletariat announced the release date of the first significant update for spell-casting action Spellbreak called "Chapter 1: The Spellstorm", which will add story-driven quests. The new feature will be introduced in the game on December 15th, together with the launch of the Steam version. The missions will be integrated in the core gameplay, which allows to immerse into the world of Spellbreak, explore its history and receive various rewards.

By exploring the story and the world of Spellbreak, players will meet three new characters-NPC and see how the game world change day by day. Chapter 1 will tell the story of The Hollow Lands, which was turned into an ever-changed ruin by the Fracture and Spellstorm. The Order of the Vowbreakers seeks invaluable artifacts that may hold the secret to pushing back the Spellstorm and reclaiming the Hollow Lands. However, these artifacts are contested prizes, and enemy Vowbreakers are vying to get their hands on them. Players will be able to take an active part in this struggle by completing 12 weeks of free story-telling tasks explicitly designed to immerse into Spellbreak's gameplay and experience a unique story-oriented action.

In "Chapter 1: The Spellstorm", players will explore the new Deadmoss as Bogmore Castle and its surrounding region has been completely renovated, adding significantly improved environments and points of interest. Also, with the next update, Spellbreak will receive new cosmetics, as well as an enhanced chapter progression system with a reputation and 50 award levels. You can find more information about the game at the official website of Spellbreak, as well as add the game to the wishlist in Steam.