Starbase developers shared video of PvP in open space

Starbase Boltcrackers Fleet PvP Tournament Video Screenshot

The creators of sandbox multiplayer space MMO Starbase made a small demonstration of PvP battle: they invited 12 teams for a special tournament. All of them had to design unique ships and fight with each other in open space.

The video shared by creators shows footage of PvP combat; the deep customization system allowed participants to make unique spaceships. As you can see in the video, the Ship Creation Editor has many functions for customization, which will enable you to improvise with the shape and size of ships.

Starbase is an MMO in science fiction setting that uses voxel graphics. It means that players can move around the world freely, build and destroy almost anything they want. The project is developed by Frozenbyte, the creators of the cooperative adventure game Trine.