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StarBreak Review

By BwwDtt | 08 July 2020
Average: 7.8 (4 votes)

StarBreak is an action roguevania indie shooter developed by Crunchy Games Inc and released on January 1, 2016.

  • Vivid pixel graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Hardcore character development
  • Great diversity of gameplay styles

StarBreak Gameplay

StarBreak is a side-scrolling action MMO. You and your allies will fight against hordes of enemies.

Location levels will always be procedurally generated so that you won't find the same location twice. There are a lot of dangerous aliens and epic bosses in the game, and visually StarBreak sometimes looks like classic platformers.

One of the non-standard features of StarBreak is that the character has no endless lives. If the character dies, all progress is lost. However, in this game, the development of the heroes is much faster than in the traditional MMO, so it will not be so challenging to develop them again. In this case, everything will depend on the amount of time spent in the game and skill of the player.

At the moment, there are four classes available in the game: Wildfire is excellent at destroying long-range targets, Duskwing prefer to fight enemies in the air, Ironclad can absorb damage, Fabricator creates all kinds of structures.

The project allows players to experiment as they wish because all four classes are available at any time. Each specialization has two types of weapons, one primary weapon and one auxiliary weapon, as well as specific skills. The Fabricator can develop devices to help allies, Wildfire has an excellent knowledge of long-range combat techniques, Ironclad absorbs a lot of damage, and Duskwing specializes in rapid air attacks.

StarBreak has a permanent death system, but you don't have to worry about it, because your player skills will stay with you even after the character's death.

In this game, you can't sell loot to traders (or trade with other players); however, StarBreak, along with exciting action, implements an automatic loot system, in which the drop is divided equally between gamers. The game has more than two hundred types of equipment and development items with modifiers.