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Stardew Valley Calendar Guide

The calendar is an item which shows all birthdays and Festivals of the current season; it also indicates upcoming weddings. This piece of furniture can also be hung on a wall.

All players will learn where the calendar is on the first days of the gameplay: you will have to go to the front of the Pierre's General Store, and you'll find it outside the building. If you're wondering how to view the calendar in Stardew Valley, you should click near the note board with an exclamation point to check it. A calendar can be found to the left of the door next to the 'Help Wanted' board. There is also an opportunity to buy a calendar as a piece of the furniture and hang on the wall at your Farmhouse.

Stardew Valley Year Calendar

One year in Stardew Valley consists of four seasons; each one lasts 28 days. After completing a cycle of seasons, the game moves forward one year when Spring starts again. Years are tied to a few events, but there's no limit on the number of years which can be played. The seasons change the daily routines of the characters and events. Most of the crops and fish are available only during their particular season. The seed selection in Pierre's General Store and Joja Mart also changes each season. When a season ends, crops wither and die — unless they can grow several seasons.

Stardew Valley Seasons Calendar

Stardew Valley Spring Calendar

Spring is the first season of the year; it's also the time of the year when players first begin the game. In Spring, the grass is green and trees bloom. On some days, the pink petals will blow through the air. One of the Spring's unique aspects is the Salmonberry Season, which lasts from 15th to 18th. To collect these forages, you have to check the bushes around the town. This resource has quite a low cost, but it's a good source of energy and health and a nice cheap gift for some villagers.

Stardew Valley Summer Calendar

Summer is the second season of the year. In summer, In this season, grass remains green, but in different shades. Trees are no longer in bloom and instead are thick with green leaves. On some days, you can see butterflies fly across the screen. From 12th to 14th, you can get extra foragables on the Beach.

Stardew Valley Fall Calendar

Fall is the third season of the year; some of the most valuable crops can grow during Fall. On some days during this season, you will see fallen yellow leaves flying across the town. During this time of the year, you can get some extra blackberries during the Blackberry Season, which lasts from 8th to 11th. These berries are used in the Fall Foraging Bundle, which means that you will have to collect them.

Stardew Valley Winter Calendar

Winter is the fourth season in Stardew Valley; during this season, the town and farm are covered with snow. There are no crops to grow in Winter, except for the Wild Seeds and Fiber Seeds. During this season, you can find the Nautilus Shell on the Beach. There is also a unique winter event Night Market.

Stardew Valley Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Calendar of Events

Festivals are special events in the Stardew Valley. Before each festival, you will receive an email describing when and where the celebration will take place. You can also find the event calendar of Stardew Valley in the game. On the day of the festival, a pop-up window on the left side of the screen will inform you of the event's start. After visiting all the festivals except the Night Market, you will be returned to the farm late at night. You do not have to feed the animals on festival days, and visiting them is optional. The Stardew Valley Festival Calendar includes nine events, three on Winter and two on other seasons.

Spring Festivals in Stardew Valley

Egg Festival — The Egg Festival takes place on the 13th of every Spring. You enter the festival by entering Pelican Town Square between 9 am and 2 pm. The main highlight is the Egg Hunt, a competition to search the biggest number of small coloured eggs hidden around Pelican Town. During this festival, you can purchase decorative items, Strawberry Seeds, and receive unique rewards.

Flower Dance — The Flower Dance event occurs on the 24th of Spring; you can enter the dance by entering Cindersap Forest between 9 am and 2 pm. The unique feature of this festival is that you can dance with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes. You must talk to them twice and invite them to dance; however, they will refuse if you have less than four hearts of friendship with them. You can also talk to other villagers.

Summer Festivals in Stardew Valley

Luau — the event that takes place on the 11th of every Summer on The Beach between 9 am and 2 pm. A central feature of the Luau is the potluck soup. Villagers bring different ingredients to prepare this soup for the Governor, who tastes and judges it. Depending on the ingredients you add for the soup, you will see different reactions from the Governor and Mayor Lewis. The outcome may increase or reduce friendship points with all villagers.

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies — this festival takes place on the 28th of every Summer on The Beach between 10 pm and 12 am. During the festival, villagers gather at the docks to watch migrating jellyfish which are attracted to the light.

Fall Festivals in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fair — this even starts on 16th of Fall in Pelican Town between 9 am and 3 pm. During the festival, you can get Star Tokens, a currency that can be exchanged for prizes at the shop near the Bus Stop entrance. The Fair also has a Grange Display contest where you can show the farm products and gain Star Tokens. After the contest, you have to get back the displayed items manually.

Spirit's Eve — the festival which happens on the 27th of Fall in Pelican Town between 10 pm and 11:50 pm. During the festival, you will have access to the maze north of Pierre's festive Shop; here, you can find the Golden Pumpkin. You can also purchase festive items including a Rarecrow, Jack-O-Lantern, and the Jack-O-Lantern recipe.

Winter Festival in Stardew Valley

Festival of Ice — an event which takes place on the 8th of every Winter, in Cindersap Forest between 9 am and 2 pm. The main highlight of the festival is an Ice Fishing Contest. You can take part in it with Pam, Willy, and Elliott. If you catch five fish or more, you will win three tackles and a Sailor's Cap.

Night Market — the longest event which takes place during Winter 15-17, on the Beach, from 5 pm-2 am. On this festival, you can find shops, a mermaid show, and a deep-sea fishing submarine where you can catch unique fish (Blobfish, Spook Fish, Midnight Squid, and Pearl).

Feast of the Winter Star — the festival which takes place on the 25th of every Winter in Pelican Town between 9 am and 2 pm. Its main event is secret gift-giving: a random character will give you a gift, and another villager you give a gift. On the 18th, Mayor Lewis will send a letter telling you who your gift recipient is. At the festival, you will be able to give a gift and then get a prize.

Stardew Valley Farm Calendar

Crops are plants that are grown from seeds; generally, each crop is seasonal. It can be planted only during its designated season, and when seasons change, the crop will wither and die. There are also multi-season crops such as Ancient Fruit, Coffee Bean, Corn, Sunflower, and Wheat, which will continue to grow during all specified seasons. You can optimize your farming schedule by checking out the Stardew Valley Crop Calendar. Crops can be eaten by Crows, so make sure to install a Scarecrow.

The list of Spring Crops includes plenty of different vegetables, flowers, and berries, some of which are not available in the first year of the gameplay. If you're not interested in the hardcore harvesting, you can just check out the growth calendar of plants used in bundles and quests.

In the first Spring, consider planting at least two cauliflowers for Spring Crops Bundle and "Jodi's Request" Quest. You will also need to grow Green Beans for the same bundle. In addition to other plants, it also requires one Parsnip, and it's necessary to use fertilizers for five Golden Quality Parsnips in the Quality Crops Bundle. Another essential plant is a potato, which will be necessary to complete the bundle. The most profitable first-year spring plants in Stardew Valley are Cauliflower and Potatoes.

For Summer in Stardew Valley, check out the growth calendar for the plants like Blueberry, Hot Pepper, Melon and Tomatoes — these crops are required for the Summer Crops Bundle. You will also need wheat for the Fodder Bundle, Sunflower and Red Cabbage for the Dye Bundle, Poppy for Chef's bundle, and Melons for Quality Crops Bundle. The most profitable summer plants are Melons, Blueberries, Coffee and Red Cabbages; avoid choosing Sunflowers for earning money, since it does not cover costs of seeds.

The planting calendar of the Fall crops in Stardew Valley should include Cron, Eggplants, Pumpkins, and Yam for the Fall Crops Bundle. The Quality Crops Bundle will require five golden quality Pumpkins. If you're already in the late stages of the game, this season of the year is the most profitable for farming: you will be able to grow Sweet Gem Berries, which bring almost 83g per day. If you don't have these seeds yet, consider growing Pumpkins, Artichokes, Beet and Amaranth. Amaranth will be required for Cow's Delight quest, 10 Beets is needed for "The Mysterious Qi" Quest, and Pumpkins will be used for "Carving Pumpkins" Quest.

In Stardew Valley, it's not possible to harvest crops in Winter. You can choose to grow the necessary seeds in the greenhouse, or rest during this season and stick to the mining and fishing.

Stardew Valley Farming Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Fishing Calendar

Most of the players would like to complete all bundles in the community center so that it's necessary to use the Fishing Calendar in Stardew Valley. Most of the fish types are available only one season during the specific period of time, which means that you will have to plan the fishing ahead.

In Spring, you will have to travel a lot to catch all the fish required for the bundles. First of all, start with the River Fish Bundle — you will have to catch Sunfish in the river in sunny weather from 6 am—7 pm. Second, you'll look for the Catfish and Shad — these are available in rivers during rainy weather, in time from 6 am—2 am. You can also wait until 6 pm and catch a Bream for the Night Fish Bundle. During this season, you can also start working on the Lake Fish Bundle — you will have to fish in the Mountain Lake from 6 am—7 pm to catch Largemouth Bass, Carp, and Bullhead. There is also an Ocean Fish Bundle, which requires a to catch a Sardine from 6 am–7 pm.

In Summer, you will have to catch a Sturgeon to complete the Lake Fish Bundle — you can find it from 6 am–7 pm. If you were lucky enough in the previous season, you would be able to complete the Ocean Fish Bundle: go to the Beach from 6 am to 2 pm when it's raining, and catch Tuna, Red Snapper, and Tilapia. Also, try to catch the Pufferfish: this fish can be caught at 12 pm – 4 pm in sunny weather. Pufferfish is one of the most profitable fish, and it's necessary for the Specialty Fish Bundle.

As for the Fall fishing in Stardew Valley, start with a Tiger Trout which is found in the river. With this fish, you will complete the River Fish Bundle and receive 30 Bait. In Fall, you can also complete the Night Fishing Bundle: it's necessary to catch a Walleye in the river and Eel on the Beach. Both of these fish can be caught only when it's raining.

During Winter in Stardew Valley, you can catch the unique fish like Lingcod, Perch (both found in the River and Mountain Lake in any weather), and Squid which is found in the ocean from 6 pm—2 am.

Stardew Valley Fishing Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Calendar of Birthdays

In the first year in Stardew Valley, you will have to learn about the birthdays of the villagers and their favourite gifts. Giving gifts on the birthday allows players to receive a considerable boost to the friendship points. It's possible to give a birthday gift even if you've reached the weekly limit. If you don't have an opportunity to get the villagers' favourite gift, consider finding something from the list of Universal Likes or Loves.

All villagers born in Spring will be happy to receive a Daffodil as a gift — except for Shane, who dislikes this flower. For most of the characters, you will be able to get a nice birthday gift at the Stardew Salon.

Stardew Valley Spring Birthday Calendar

  • 4th of Spring — Even though you won't meet this character in the first year of the game, the first birthday in Spring is Kent's. This army man is a husband of Jodi and father of Sam and Vincent. His favourite gifts are Fiddlehead Risotto and Roasted Hazelnuts, and he will also be happy to receive a Daffodil.
  • 7th of Spring — This day is Mayor Lewis' birthday. He's one of the first characters you'll meet in the game, and he helps players with the basics of the country life, so it will be nice to give him something for his special day. The easiest gifts for him are Daffodils, Dandelions, and Leek; however, if you managed to find Autumn's Bounty or Glazed Yams in the Stardrop Saloon, you can give him these.
  • 10th of Spring — Vincent is a young boy with ginger hair. His favourite gifts are grapes, snails, and daffodils.
  • 14th of Spring — Haley is a light-hearted girl who loves cute and fashionable things. She will be happy to receive Sunflower, Pink Cake, Coconut, or Daffodil for her birthday.
  • 18th of Spring — this day is the birthday of the Pelican Town Bus Driver named Pam. Her all-time favourite gifts are alcohol and cocktails: you can give her Beer, Pale Ale, Mead, Piña Colada. List of her favourite things also includes Parsnip and Daffodils.
  • 20th of Spring — the birthday of depressive JojaMart worker Shane. You can give him Beer, Pepper Poppers, and Pizza found in Stardrop Saloon.
  • 26th of Spring — Pierre is an owner of the Pierre's General Store. His favourite gift is a Fried Calamari; however, you can give him Daffodil and Dandelion if you don't have this dish.
  • 27th of Spring — on this day, you can celebrate a birthday of Emily; she loves making and designing clothing. Her list of favourite gifts is one of the most extensive ones: you can give her Cloth or Wool, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, and Topaz. It's also possible to use Quartz or Daffodil as a gift.

Stardew Valley Birthday Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Summer Villagers Birthdays Calendar

  • 4th of Summer — Jas is a young girl who lives on the Ranch outside town with her aunt Marnie and her godfather Shane. Best gifts for her are Fairy Rose, Pink Cake, and Plum Pudding; you can also give her coconuts or daffodils.
  • 8th of Summer — Gus is a chef at the Stardrop Saloon; most of the time, he works at the bar providing villagers with food and drinks. His favourite gifts are diamonds, oranges, escargot, fish taco and Tropical Curry; however, he will also accept a Daffodil as a nice gift.
  • 10th of Summer — Maru is a clinic worker who lives with her mother Robin, father Demetrius and half-brother Sebastian. She would be happy to receive plenty of unique things: you can give her Battery Pack, Cauliflower, Cheese Cauliflower, Miner's Treat, Pepper Poppers, Rhubarb Pie, Strawberry, Quartz, Radioactive Ore, all kinds of metal bars, oak resin and pine tar.
  • 13th of Summer — the birthday of the cool young sportsman named Alex. Alex lives with his grandparents, George and Evelyn; he also has a dog named Dusty. His favourite gifts are Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner.
  • 17th of Summer — this day is the birthday of the talented musician named Sam. He loves Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza, Tigers Eye, and Joja Cola.
  • 19th of Summer — Demetrius is a scientist who studies the wildlife of the Stardew Valley; he lives with his wife and kids. This character would like to receive a Bean Hotpot, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Strawberry, and Purple Mushroom.
  • 22th of Summer — Dwarf is the mysterious character who lives in The Mines. To speak with them, you have to acquire four Dwarvish scrolls. They like most of the minerals which can be found in the mines (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Lemon Stone, Ruby, Topaz, Quartz) as well as Cave Carrots. You will also make them happy by gifting the Omni Geode.
  • 24th of Summer — Willy is a fisher who lives on the Beach; he owns the fishing shop and sells different supplies for this profession. His favourite gifts are Catfish, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Sturgeon, as well as Diamonds, Iridium Bar, Mead, and Pumpkins.
  • 26th of Summer — Leo is a boy who lives on Ginger Island. His favourite gifts are Duck Feather, Mango, Ostrich Egg, and Poi. You can also give him Dragon Tooth, Mango Sticky Rice, Nautilus Shell, Quartz, Rainbow Shell, Sea Urchin, and Spice Berry.

Stardew Valley Birthday Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Fall Villagers Birthdays Calendar

  • 2th of Fall — Penny is a tutor of Jas and Vincent. Penny lives with her mother, Pam, and she is friends with Sam. Her loved gifts are Diamond, Emerald, Melon, Poppy, Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Sandfish, and Tom Kha Soup.
  • 5th of Fall — Elliott is a poetic writer who lives in a cabin on the Beach. His favourite gifts are Crab Cakes, Duck Feather, Lobster, Pomegranate, Squid Ink, and Tom Kha Soup.
  • 11th of Fall — Jodi lives in Stardew Valley with her husband Kent (who is serving in the military until Year 2) and two sons, Sam and Vincent. Her favourite gifts are Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Diamond, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable Medley.
  • 13th of Fall — Abigail is a gothic blue-haired girl who loves mystic occult things, video games, and nerdy stuff. Her favourite gifts are Amethyst, Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, and Spicy Eel.
  • 15th of Fall — Sandy is an Oasis store owner who lives in the Desert. She never leaves the store, and you can find her here almost every day. Sandy's favourite gifts are Crocus, Daffodil, Mango Sticky Rice, and Sweet Pea.
  • 18th of Fall — Marnie is a farmer who lives at the Ranch in the Cindersap Forest, near the Pelican Town. Marnie runs her own shop where she sells animals and animal supplies. The best gifts for her are Diamond, Farmer's Lunch, Pink Cake, and Pumpkin Pie.
  • 21th of Fall — Robin is the town carpenter who runs her own Carpenter's Shop at her home. Robin is married to the scientist Demetrius and lives with her children Maru and Sebastian. Robin's favourite gifts are Goat Cheese, Peach, and Spaghetti. She also likes Hardwood and Quartz.
  • 24th of Fall — George is one of the elders living in the Pelican Town. He is married to Evelyn and lives with his grandson named Alex. The best gifts for George are Fried Mushroom, Leek, and Daffodil.

Stardew Valley Birthday Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Winter Villagers Birthdays Calendar

1th of Winter — Krobus is the friendly monster who lives in the sewers. He sells different rare goods, and he is also available as a roommate. The best gifts for Krobus are Diamond, Iridium Bar, Pumpkin, Void Egg, Void Mayonnaise, and Wild Horseradish.

  • 3th of Winter — Linus is a villager who lives in a small tent outside the town near the mines. He has almost no friends so that he will be happy to get closer with the Farmer. The best gifts for Linus are Blueberry Tart, Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Dish o' The Sea, and Yam.
  • 7th of Winter — Caroline is a calm green-haired woman who's married to Pierre. She likes gardening plants, especially tea trees. Her favourite gifts are Fish Taco, Green Tea, Summer Spangle, and Tropical Curry.
  • 10th of Winter — Sebastian is an angsty young villager spending all the time in his room. He loves computer games, comic books, and sci-fi novels. His best friends are Sam and Abigail. The best gifts for this character are Frozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, and Void Egg.
  • 14th of Winter — this day is the birthday of Harvey, who is an owner of the town's medical clinic who works together with Maru. The best gifts for him are Coffee, Pickles, Super Meal, Truffle Oil, and Wine.
  • 17th of Winter — the Wizard, also known as M. Rasmodius, celebrates his birthday on 17th of Winter. He lives at the Wizard Tower in the Cindersap Forest. He leaves his home only for festivals. The best gifts for the Wizard are Purple Mushroom, Solar Essence, Super Cucumber, or Void Essence.
  • 20th of Winter — Evelyn is George's wife who spends her days decorating the town gardens and baking cookies. If you're looking for a good gift for Evelyn, consider bringing her Beet, Chocolate Cake, Diamond, Fairy Rose, Stuffing, and Tulip.
  • 23th of Winter — Leah is a villager who lives in a small cabin outside Pelican Town. She's an artist who loves drawing outside and sculpting. The best gifts for Leah are Goat Cheese, Poppyseed Muffin, Salad, Stir Fry, Truffle, Vegetable Medley, and Wine.
  • 26th of Winter — Clint is a villager who owns and runs the local Blacksmith of Pelican Town. He often visits the saloon to spend time with Emily. The best gifts for Clint are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Artichoke Dip, Emerald, Fiddlehead Risotto, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Jade, Omni Geode, Ruby, and Topaz.

Stardew Valley Birthday Calendar Guide

Stardew Valley Calendar on the Wall

You can also purchase a calendar from the Carpenter's Shop for 2,000g, that can be hung on the wall of your Farmhouse. The calendar is also available from the Furniture Catalogue for gold. To find where to buy the calendar, you should go to the Mountain area north of Pelican Town from 9 am to 5 pm. Robin is the only one NPC who sells the calendar in Stardew Valley. After upgrading the Farmhouse, you can also purchase a Furniture Catalogue which provides access to buy decorations from home. The calendar price in the Catalogue is 0g.

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