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Starmourn Review

By BwwDtt | 28 November 2019
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Starmourn is a text-based MMORPG in the sci-fi space setting, developed by Iron Realms Entertainment.

  • Immersive, challenging gameplay
  • Deep lore and exciting quests
  • Detailed character customization
  • Friendly and helpful community

Starmourn Gameplay

Starmourn is a text-based MMORPG in a sci-fi setting, with immersive, complex gameplay, with deep customization and exciting plot. The core mechanics of this game are pretty simple: you can control your character by the command console — all other game activities based on that simple method. The console commands also allow you to drive the spaceship, fight with enemies and other players, speak with different creatures, and show the emotions of your hero. Various commands used for each of these activities; most of them presented to the player during the introduction quests.

After you created an account in Starmourn, you will have to create a character. The customization in this game is overwhelmingly good: you can change not only the name, race and class but the smallest details of the appearance, such as age, height, or eye colour. Your choices during the character creation influence the whole story, so choose wisely. The game has twelve races with different characteristics and backgrounds, and five classes, each one with unique abilities.

All of the game activities based on roleplay. In the beginning, during the introduction, you will pick a legend for your character, and you will develop this specialization throughout the gameplay. You can be a space explorer, merchant, or mercenary. Of course, the game allows you to create a unique role, but these three lines are basic directions of the development.

For players who are interested in the economy of the Starmourn, the game provides an opportunity to become a trader. The game has a complex system of trading, production and resource extraction. Players can create the orders to buy materials or make an offer on the Market. The economy roles are not only about selling goods: you can be a factory owner, resource gatherer, cargo transporter and moreover.

Battle System

The combat system of Starmourn is completely strategical and turn-based. There are two types of battles: the fights with other players and NPCs, where you control only your character's actions, and space combats, where you're taking control of a spaceship. Close combat systems tied with wealth system. It means you always have to check your HP rate, and you can't heal too often; otherwise, you will get the tolerance to medicines.

The space combat is much more sophisticated. You can travel through the outer space, and during your journey, you will face not only stars, planets and space stations. There are lots of NPC and enemy starships, floating in the open space. You could fight with them if you equipped your starship with weapon modules. The special shields and repairing bots can activate for the better protection of the ship. If you want to see the combat, the actions display with ASCII graphics on the battle screen.


  • Amaians — an amphibian race. Their society based on family dynasties and their government is Dynastic Cabal. This race also has the best shipyards in the galaxy.
  • Decheerans — the massive asexual tree beings. These creatures live more than a hundred years, but they have almost no culture, and their society ruled by Speakers, informal representatives of this race on the universe politics.
  • Elgan — a race with a stable society, based on family connection. They have strong relations in their community and tend to support each other. Elgans are big fans of humour and entertainments, such as gambling or dancing. The government structure of this race is a representative democracy.
  • Jin — a race of humanoid creatures with violet skin and a third eye on their forehead. The culture and most of the ritual of this race revolve around death. Jins usually spend their life alone and rarely pair up. These creatures are brave warriors because they treat death in a battle as the highest honour.
  • Krona — a race of bully large creatures with squat bodies and hand-like feet. They're big fans of body modifications, such as piercings, tattoos, and unnatural hair colours. Their society is not very close-knit, because Kronas rarely pair up for a long time, and the mothers leave their kids the month or two after birth.
  • Humans — an almost extinct race. Surviving people are mostly busy trying to revive their culture and society.
  • Nath-el — an insect-like race. They live in a society with a high responsibility for each other. These creatures are very communalistic, ruled by honourable Queen.
  • Nusriza — a fierce, aggressive race, living in a communal society. They also have a complicated system of maturing. A monarch rules the Nusriza government.
  • Ry'nari — an aggressive race of creatures that look like humanoid dinosaurs. They ruled by a Council of the Hordes, horde leaders. They have a unique culture and a strong economy that allows Ry'nari to be a dominant race.
  • Shen — one of the most civilized races. They're in love with art and culture. These creatures live about a hundred years and their society based on close relations in families.
  • Tukkav — a nomadic race that lives on a cold, rocky planet. They build the best starships in the universe.
  • W'hoorn — a race of unusual creatures with a pair of wings. They're quite aggressive and respect physical dominance. Even though they have massive wings, they can't fly at all.

Starmourn Classes

Starmourn has five unusual classes available for every race.

  • B.E.A.S.T. — Biointerfacing Exoskeletal Assault Suit Tech/Technician. They're dangerous enemies for every creature in the universe. BEASTs can use all plasmacasters and weapons on their suit.
  • Scoundrel — the rogue of the Starmourn's world. They are masters of shooting, traps and dirty tricks.
  • Nanoseer — an equivalent of the Magician; a mighty scientist that can control nanite swarm.
  • Engineer — the class of creators and tinkerers. They gifted at the creation of various gadgets, turrets and bots.
  • Fury — one of the hardest classes to play. They use complex acrobatic combos and kithblades.