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Stay Out Review

By BwwDtt | 12 August 2020
Average: 7.4 (14 votes)

Stay Out is an MMORPG with shooter elements developed and published by Mobile Technologies LLC.

  • Wide Variety of Equipment
  • Realistic Survival Features
  • Diverse Opponents
  • In-depth Character Customization

Stay Out Gameplay

Stay Out features a world full of dangers and incredible events. The players become Stalkers who explore the territory of the Alienation Zone to find mysterious artefacts and fight unknown life forms. The game allows the players to focus on survival through harsh conditions to find secret laboratories, hidden anomalies in the massive post-apocalyptic world full of other computer-controlled opponents and other gamers. The project combines various MMORPG features with shooter and survival sandbox aspects to provide the players with a unique experience.

This game welcomes new players with a character creation menu where they can change most of the visual features. You can adjust skin colour, eyes, the shape of the face, equipment colour, gender, beard and others. You can also sculpt some parts of the face to create a unique in-game avatar. After that, you may enter the post-apocalyptic world to start your journey and encounter various events and other players. A wide range of NPCs you may find includes mutated spiders, bears, animals, ghosts, witches and many others.

The game provides the players with a large number of player-versus-environment activities, and they can complete multiple questlines and challenges. Most of the quests are typical and require the players to kill a creature, bring something valuable back and clear out an area from hostile monsters. You can find most of these quests in specific areas where you can also find vendors and other friendly characters. Stay Out offers multiple locations of the type, and they have different difficulty and level requirements.

Stay Out allows the players to participate in various PvP activities, and all the characters can perform hostile actions towards others at all times. The game does include a large variety of deadly monsters; however, other gamers represent the most dangerous aspect of the game. The players can group up to hunt lonely adventures or other less successful stalkers to kill them and steal most of their valuable inventories. Each item has a chance to drop on death, especially the most expensive artefacts.

This MMORPG with shooter elements offers a large number of available pieces of equipment and customization features. The weaponry list includes pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, machine-guns, grenade launchers, grenades and a variety of melee weapons. You can find them on corpses of the enemies or in hidden stashes around the world, and some of them are also purchasable through most vendors. The players can also customize each weapon by adding attachments and other improvements to add more functions to each one of them, and that allows the players to develop a unique playstyle. You can use both first-person and third-person perspective at any time, and the players also have to find and equip over a dozen of pieces of gear to protect the character and survive the harsh environment of the game.

Stay Out is a game both for casual and hardcore players, and it also supports playing together with friends online to survive in a post-soviet reality using a large number of tools to survive. The variety of challenges and enemies allow most players to get better and obtain equipment to face other enemies. The developers continuously support the game to provide more content to the players. The graphics engine allows the game to run smoothly on most machines, and it also offers a decent picture for most gamers.

Stay Out System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 8000 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 1050Ti / AMD RX570 with 3Gb memory (or better)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 (or better)
  • File Size: 7000 MB
  • OS: Windows 7/8 (64-bit)