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Steamhounds Review

By BwwDtt | 24 June 2020
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Steamhounds is a turn-based multiplayer strategy RPG game developed by Stray Basilisk.

  • Dynamic turn-based combat
  • Diverse game modes
  • Stunning visual style
  • Immersive multiplayer gameplay

Steamhounds Gameplay

Steamhounds is a strategy RPG game developed by Stray Basilisk for the PC platform. The environment in the game is designed in the retro style of a steampunk setting. This indie strategic RPG features turn-based battles and local multiplayer which allows players to complete the game together. Gather a team of mercenaries and complete missions to discover the dark secrets of the city.

In Steamhounds, you'll take control of a team of mercenaries in the Steampunk Setting, doing the dirty work of the shadow factions that are fighting over the power of the once-great industrial city. You will be able to play modes such as single-player, multiplayer and co-play.
Steamhounds will be available worldwide as a one-time purchase from Stray Basilisk publisher. The game is currently at the development stage.

In this game, the essential feature of the combat system is the placement of fighters and strategy. Steamhounds combine traditional JRPG battle mechanics and tactical/grid battles, and since the characters have different skills with various kill zones, it's vital to overthink the formation before the battle. You can build a team of different heroes to compete with friends in multiplayer fighting between groups, or participate in rankings matches to climb the leaderboards.

Another aspect of the fights is a stance system: you will always be immersed into dynamic action on the battlefield because it's possible to combine the skills of playable characters and prevent the attacks of the opponents.

Last but not least, the visual style of Steamhound is designed in the form of charming pixel-art graphics. This semi-realistic stylistic with simplified sprites, vivid visual effects and semi-3D battlefields allow to immerse in the world of the game and overview the battlefield from different angles.

To become a player, discuss the project with developers and access the prototype right now, you can join the Discord conference shared on the official Stray Basilisk website.