Stress test of New World will start at the end of July

New World 2020 Stress Testing Start on August 25
Previously, the release of fantasy MMORPG New World was postponed from August 25th, 2020 to the spring of 2021. Now it's known that the testing stage of the game officially starts on the previously planned release day. Before the start of this event, the developers are going to conduct stress testing on the US server. The alpha testers, CBT participants and players with pre-ordered copies of the game before July 24th will be able to join the testing on August 25th. There is a strict NDA during this stage: the participants won't be able to share screenshots and videos of the game, and it's also strictly forbidden to reveal information about gameplay and story. However, with the start of the open test, everyone will be able to share their opinions about the New World.