Stronghold: Warlords release was postponed until March 2021

Stronghold Warlords Release Date March 9th 2021

The developers of Stronghold: Warlords strategy game postponed the release date for the second time. Previously, it was postponed from September 29, 2020, to January 26, 2021, and now the developers decided to release the game on March 9, 2021.

The reason for this delay is that the multiplayer mode is not ready for the release. Firefly Studios also considered the possibility of adding it after the release as a free update; however, the developers abandoned this idea, as they had previously promised to release a fully functioning multiplayer on the release date. The team thanked all fans for their support and assured that there would be no more postponements.

Stronghold: Warlords is a historical strategy game in the Stronghold series developed by Firefly Studios, made in the castle simulation genre. In this game, players are the commanders of castles, who have to manage their economy, hire troops, and both attack and defend. The range of fortifications is extensive and includes many structures such as Japanese castles and numerous fortified cities. You can command warriors of the empire, hordes of soldiers, and other units. As a brand new feature, Stronghold: Warlords features AI-controlled Warlords that can be recruited to control battles.