The "Sugar Fright" event begins In Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Sugar Fright Temporary Halloween Event 2020

Ubisoft launches the temporary Halloween event "Sugar Fright" in the tactical team first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. It will be extended from October 27th to November 10th, and during this period, players will have access to the new PvP mode.

The essence of the new game mode is simple. During one round, two teams of 5 people are trying to collect 50 sweets that fall out when an operative is killed. The battle unfolds on the map "City of dreams". After death, the player goes into observation mode and then returns to the fight.

If you log in Rainbow Six: Siege during the event, you will receive a free "Sugar Fright" set as a gift. Also available in the game are Event uniforms, personalization and weapon paint elements, which are available in both the operative kits for 1680 R6 credits and the "Sugar Fright" kits for 300 R6 credits.