Survival game Green Hell will receive DLC The Spirits of Amazonia

Green Hell DLC The Spirits of Amazonia Announce

Developers of the multiplayer survival simulator Green Hell announced a free DLC for their game Green Hell. DLC was named The Spirits of Amazonia, and it will be divided into several parts. The first one will be released in autumn-winter 2020. The new chapter will bring cooperation with local tribes in cooperative or single game mode; it will be possible to interact with NPCs and use their help later.

Green Hell is a survival game set in the Amazon River jungle, which was developed by Creepyjar in 2018. In this game, players have to survive in the wilderness, search for food, hunt, build the camp and craft equipment. The game also has a system of tropical disasters, infections and omnipresent natives. The main goal is to unravel the mystery of your this dangerous place and find the way home.

A new game developed by Creepyjar is called Project Chimera and is made in the genre of antimony in the science fiction setting. Players will be able to build the bases and explore the game world and storyline completing different missions. The game is in the final stage of pre-production, and there is no exact or approximate release date yet.