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Sword Art Online's Legend Review

By BwwDtt | 28 February 2020
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Sword Art Online's Legend is a free-to-play MMORPG browser game, developed by Gamesprite.

  • Many social-based activities
  • Anime-styled characters
  • Based on Sword Art Online novel series
  • Dynamic and immersive gameplay

Sword Art Online's Legend Gameplay

The game was created with no permission from authors; therefore, all names of characters and places are changed. Since the game originates from a light novel series, you will partially observe a storyline which flows between the episodes. The selected character will have a central role in the extraordinary VR world; the main feature of the game is interactive tabs. They serve as step-by-step instruction for the user.

SAO's Legend was one of the first RPGs to implement an auto-battling system which allows the beginners to understand the underlying mechanisms of the game. You won't have to fight the enemies manually, but since they can't heal themselves, you can control the survival rate of your character. It is possible to customize the auto-battle mode in the settings menu by controlling how far you want to grind or by adding healing potions. Another benefit is that you can multitask while leaving the game on the run.

The PvE usually dominates the frequency of PvP engagement because main quests don't require you to battle other players continually. PvP appears after level 50 is completed, before that the game is fully navigated. The pause won't be time-consuming as the level up happens in seconds.

This MMO has standard social features such as guilds and chats. You can join one of 3 guilds, which will introduce you to a wide variety of guild-only events and functions. Contributing to your group will allow you to access the guild-only shop and add extra bonuses.

The Battle Rating measures the strengths of the character. To boost your overall figures and develop the hero, you can apply the following objects: wings, mounts, pets and gear. Wings are boosting not only your stats but also the Battle Power. The mounts will help you to move faster among the SAO universe locations; later they can be turned into a pet.

You can add companions to your character. Along the way, you will create a whole squad of such warriors. This feature is useful during the battles as they will help you to fight mobs and bosses. Depending on skills and EXP, girlfriends will range from Dragon Master to a Berserker Healer. But the most strong mercenaries can be bought only for real money. On the other hand, SAO allows you to marry another player for free once you reach level 50. The lover gives intimacy points which are enhancing the BR level.

There are 12 gear types to collect, which require plenty of space in your baggage. It is possible to unlock inventory slot each time you raise the level, plus there are warehouses where you can store the items. In case the warehouse is overfilled, you can place your items in mailboxes. To upgrade your collectables, add gemstones or try to polish them.

The Sword Art Online's Legend regularly provides special events which can offer exclusive items. Log in to the game daily to receive free items or cash. There is a VIP system which offers unique privileges such as rare weapons, which costs varies depending on a level. Apart from the VIPs, there are several "pay to win" locations, which can be accessed only with real cash.

Sword Art Online's Legend Classes

Players are required to choose one of four characters from Aincrad World. You can switch the classes after completing level 60.

  • Swordsman: This type of heroes is the most powerful; it's BR (Battle Rating) can increase dramatically. The sword has a drastic DPS rate, which makes this class best for PvP.
  • Ranger: This class is compelling at the starting levels; she can strike up to 5 mobs at a time. She uses a bow for close-range attacks, which give the most severe damage.
  • Priest: The Priests are best at PvE; they get especially brutal after level 50. On average, they can deal maximum damage to 6 nearby mobs.
  • Knight: The Knights have the highest survivability due to their strong defensive skills. They have an average DPS but can attack the enemies simultaneously.