System requirements for Diablo Immortal were increased

Diablo Immortal System Requirements 2020

A couple of days ago, it was found that system requirements for mobile MMO Diablo: Immortal were increased. The information was reported by the players who received a message about the impossibility to download the game on their new devices. Later, the increase of specifications was confirmed on Reddit by the developer from Blizzard under the nickname PezRadar. It was explained by several factors: the minimum system requirements for Diablo Immortal were increased in 2019. They were raised so that players could get the most out of Diablo Immortal. Thus, now there are only a few approved systems that most likely would be completely tested.

Blizzard does not confirmed anything yet, but the minimum system requirements for Diablo Immortal may be reduced back in the future. The current system requirements for Diablo Immortal were found out by the website; they found out, which Android smartphones are compatible with Diablo Immortal, and which are not. As you can see, only high-end smartphones can cope with the new project from Blizzard.

Information about when Diablo Immortal will appear in the App Store and which iPhones are compatible with Diablo Immortal is not available yet. The features of the game include six playable classes of characters as in the third part of the game: Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer. There will be a non-target combat system, nice graphics and soundtrack, multiplayer features, dungeons, and new enemies.