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Tales of Arise Review

By BwwDtt | 11 May 2020
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Tales of Arise is an anime action role-playing game developed and published by Bandai Namco Studios.

  • Stunning graphics in anime style
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Multiple Playable Characters
  • Immersive Storyline

Tales of Arise Gameplay

Tales of Arise takes place on two entirely different planets named Dahna and Rena. Dahna is a less advanced planet with medieval levels of technology where people use swords as weapons, wear heavy armour and do not have access to electricity and modern technology. The second planet can be seen from Dahna up in the skies, and it's much more advanced in technology and magic. Rena invaded Dahna a few hundred years ago and enslaved its people, and now most of the medieval people believe that the planet above is the heaven designated for gods. Throughout the story, players visit both worlds and get access to better equipment and abilities.

Initially, the two main characters are not friends, and their names are Alphen and Shionne. The first one is a young man from Danha who wears an iron mask; he lost his memory along with the ability to feel pain; the second one is a young girl from Rena, and she is cursed by "Thorns" that causes pain to whoever she touches. The pair bands together to rebel against Rena, and they want to change the injustice between the two worlds.

The combat in Tales of Arise is dynamic and fast, and you can perform various combinations of abilities considering the situation. When you use specific skills, you slowly level up the skill levels, and that is how you can access more powerful versions of existing spells. The enemy characters are mostly massive, powerful and scary, and each battle you win brings a feeling satisfaction. You can run towards the target and dodge attacks by moving backwards, and it is also possible to perform dodge rolls and quick moves to the side to avoid damage or perform a powerful counter-attack.

The game stylistics takes its roots from previous Tales series and features anime-styled characters and environment. However, the developers use the new game engine in this project to create much more prominent and interactive worlds using high-end graphics. Character models are much more detailed and more realistic than in previous games in the series, and every model has unique animations for all the abilities available.

Tales of Arise is available of multiple platforms, but the controls are mostly designed for the consoles. There are various settings for the players to change to fit their playstyle better; however, the core mechanics cannot be changed. Some basic video and audio adjustments are available as well to better meet the needs of users with different types of screens.

Moving further in the storyline awards players with better equipment and tools to deal with enemies. There is a wide variety of swords, heavy armour and other medieval features, and progressing further to the other planet grants access to more technological arms, such as rifles or other ranged weapons. The magical aspect also improves throughout the game, and you can get access to powerful sorcery to change the gameplay dramatically.

The massive community of Tales series continuously grows, and Tales of Arise is the largest project in the whole chain. It inherits the best features from the previous games and brings a brand-new world along with completely revamped graphics to the players. This adventure fits both casual and hardcore gamers, and it features various playstyles to choose from, and there is a way to play for most RPG lovers.