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Therian Saga Review

By BwwDtt | 08 July 2020
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Therian Saga is a MMORPG in fantasy setting developed by Virtys.

  • PvE-oriented Gameplay
  • Deep system of Character Development
  • Dozens of skills and professions
  • Player-driven economics

Therian Saga Gameplay

Therian Saga is an experimental RPG which encourages players to concentrate on character development and PvE content. There's no dynamic PvP battles and colossal sieges; instead of that, you will be involved in a stable player-driven economic system based on the production of crafts.

Your heroes complete the missions automatically. First of all, you have to make a daily plan for them, specifying the order of necessary actions. After that, the heroes will continue developing regardless of whether you are online or not.

In Therian Saga, you are not limited in character development, and you can develop any skill you want. Crafting in this game is a process of several steps, during which raw materials are turned into finished products. The quality of the raw materials determines the properties and value of your work. You can also team up with NPCs and pets. Each enhances the abilities of your hero.

Battles in Therian Saga are very few, and they are not necessary for development. All the challenges in the game concentrate on craft because of the system of skills and professions. Abilities are divided into sectors called Trades, and only two of them relate to combat, the Defense and Offense. There are also general trades which can't be increased: Assistance, Construction, Domain, Hall, Infrastructure, Landscaping, and barters such as Fashioning, Fauna, Flora, Metal, Stone, and Wood.

Searching is one of the primary skills: they're used in quests and for exploration of the new locations, and Travel is aimed at different ways of movement. Sociability skills include Commerce, Leadership, and Spying. Science skills are used for studies; Fashioning provides armour and clothes. All other trades are aimed at the extraction of resources from nature and craft: there are Wood, Stone, Metal, Flora and Fauna skills.

The skill indicator not only affects the speed of craft but also access to high-level materials. Each craft recipe consists of numerous stages of the creation, such as coal mining, chopping and sawing wood, mining and smelting ores, and so on.

Solo development is almost impossible in Therian Saga: it either will take hundreds of hours to develop all skills, or all received materials will be the worst quality. The fastest development is possible if you play with friends who have characters of different professions or join one of the guilds.

During the exploration of a vast continent, your hero will be able to find a variety of places with different properties, quests and researches, and even dungeons with bosses. The hero must be ready to travel through wild lands in search of precious resources.

Your characters automatically perform the tasks from the manually created list. You can schedule the working day of every hero, and they will perform these tasks themselves, whether you are online or offline.

The locations and dungeons of Therian Saga are divided by difficulty level. Some of them require you to have a specific skill level to be able to enter the area. In most places, you can find different resources, quests, and NPCs. Many locations can be accessed after the completion of the tasks, so it's recommended to follow the storyline missions.

In Therian Saga, every player can find a suitable activity: the possibilities are endless, you can explore the vast fantasy world, conquer dangerous dungeons or do your favourite craft.

Therian Saga Quests

The missions in this MMORPG divide into the main, side, and special event quests. Usually, the storyline-related tasks provide access to new locations and opportunities, while side-quests offer a chance to earn extra EXP. Sometimes you will have to obtain specific skills to take a quest or complete it.

The Therian Saga story begins when the protagonist is landed on an island from a ship. The starting island is very small, but it is here that the player will choose his main craft route, make his first journey, take part in the battle and hire the first mercenary.

Building in Therian Saga

The building is one of the primary options in Therian Saga. First of all, you have to buy a deed: it can be purchased in different towns, but the price differs in different locations. After you've obtained a piece of land, you can start building. There are several types of structures in the game: used for rest (Tent, Hut, or Cottage), for recruiting companions (Shelter, Inn), for crafting (Workshop and enhanced version), for extractions of raw materials (Mine, Quarry, Hunting Area, Botany Trail, Field, Lumberjack Camp, Digging Site), and for breeding (Bestiarium, Barn). The simple structures can be found under the Landscaping tab, and more complicated ones belong to the Construction.

When you come to your deed, you can leave the mercenaries here and get access to the warehouse. These functions are available in the "Management" tab. All buildings require space to be built. In some areas, such as the mountains, it is harder to expand the area. Also, the expansion costs some money.

After installation of the building on the deed, you will be able to work on your profession with a bonus from the specific machine. Also, if you have a structure of residential type with a sufficient level of comfort/prestige, you can assign your companion to the extraction of the resource. The only exception is the Shop, which gives a comfort bonus/prestige and therefore does not require a residential building. The companion will work for a fee per cycle, and it's three times slower than the character. Also, this worker will occupy an active companion slot.

Housing is used for passive resource gathering and recruiting of the companions. Your character will also be able to sleep in Possession after the construction of the first house. The cheapest building in this category is Tent; it also can be upgraded to Hut and Cottage.

Therian Saga Companions

The companions in this game are divided into tiers depending on their skills. You will also have to construct a specific building to be able to hire them. The most skilled companions require to build advanced structures and complete specific conditions to hire them. Each Companion specializes in a particular kind of activity, which helps players to boost the chosen profession.

By creating your hero, you start a journey through the world of the game alone. However, this is just the beginning. You can form a squad and gather several mercenaries.

The maximum number of companions in a squad is 4, and their amount can be expanded to 8, using a specific item. When you add a new hero in the team, it adds its knowledge of your skill to yours if you are engaged in a relevant activity. Satellites can work in your home while you are doing any other business. You can have several of your companions do the same or different jobs, in the same house or different places.

Taming System in Therian Saga

One of the most useful and valuable skills in Therian Saga is taming. It belongs to Fauna Trade, and it used for acquiring pets. They have different roles, professions, levels and appearance; some of them may be used for crafts, while others are entirely decorative. For example, Boars are helpful for botanic work, and Varanus specialize in extraction.

You can take animal companions to your squad. There are many ways to get pets: tame them with Taming skill, get them with Breeding, and get them for the quest. Still, the easiest one is taming. The Attention parameter determines the number of animals hired. The level of attention corresponds to the personal skill of training the hero without any modifiers. Each creature spends a certain amount of attention points equal to its fierceness. The amount of your creature's ferocity score cannot exceed your hero's maximum attention span.

Therian Saga System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Card (nVidia, AMD or Intel)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
  • File Size: 250 MB
  • OS: Windows 7