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The Third Age Review

By BwwDtt | 01 November 2019
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The Third Age is a fantasy browser strategy MMORPG, developed by R2 Games.

  • An interesting plot
  • Your own powerful kingdom
  • Dynamic game actions
  • Breathtaking PvE and PvP battles

The Third Age Gameplay

The Third Age is an MMORPG that allows you to take control of the management of your kingdom.

The lore of The Third Age bases on the famous masterpiece of John R.R.Tolkien, the "Lord of the Rings."

As the lore of the game says, there are three central powers in the world of the Third Age: the Watchmen's Union, the Storm Empire, and the Blood Tribe. At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose one of the sides. Unfortunately, there is no character customization in this game. All you can change is your kingdom's look.

The primary purpose of this game is to create a strong kingdom. For this, you can develop buildings in your cities, нанимать different warriors to strengthen the borders of your realm and lead your army in a fight with the enemies.

As in many games, in the beginning, you will learn all the basic mechanics during the tutorial. At first, it may seem that the actions of the game occur on their own, without requiring your participation, but this is not so. This approach is necessary so that you can understand what is happening on the screen. After some time, the reins of the kingdom will fall entirely into your hands.

The main activities in The Third Age are kingdom management and battles.

As a wise kingdom ruler, you will have to improve your management skills. You will be allowed to distribute the resources of the lands entrusted to you. Among your tasks will be the development of urban infrastructure, the construction of structures necessary for citizens, and the protection of city walls.

The economy of your kingdom is one of the most critical features of the game. You have to produce resources that your citizens need and keep the general well-being on track. Otherwise, your power will start to decrease.

In the beginning, you will have only one city under your control. But you can expand your empire by capturing new cities and recapture the towns that were under the pressure of your enemies. It takes a lot of effort, but the result covers everything. Capturing new cities, you can show your skills as a strategist and commander. But do not think that successful conquering territory is enough. You will also need to earn the trust of citizens by fulfilling their requests and developing their city.

Despite the fact that The Third Age is mostly PvE-game, you can also get an exciting PvP experience. All combats in this game happen in real-time, so you should think of your strategy before you declare war to another player. All fights are based on the form of turn-based strategies. You can take some time to decide on the next move. There is also an opportunity to use auto-battle mode if you are confident in your troops.

If you want to gather a strong army, then you have to collect and train different heroes. You can choose from plenty of heroes. All of them can be improved by learning new skills, leveling up, ascension, increasing their Power by training, and upgrading the Crest. You can also equip your heroes with armor and weapons.

You need to assemble the powerful heroes together not only to fight with other players but also to participate in a war with the evil forces. If you fight your enemies, you can get different useful items and free the cities they captured.

The Third Age is a perfect choice for gamers who like strategies and management games. It will also be interesting for fans of the LoTR universe.