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Total Battle Review

By BwwDtt | 03 July 2020
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Total Battle is a free-to-play strategy MMO developed by Fusion Core for the PC platform.

  • Classic well-balanced RTS mechanics
  • Social-based gameplay
  • Casual-friendly mechanics
  • Automatic battle system

Total Battle Gameplay

In Total Battle, you will be able to play game modes such as mass multiplayer and usual multiplayer. Destroy hordes of monsters, plan attacks on other lords in a world full of magic, clan warriors and politics; build an unconquerable castle and unite your kingdom under one flag to succeed in the neverending war.

The player is honoured to restore from the ashes the kingdom which was treacherously betrayed by wicked traitors who destroyed the castle and executed the main character's family. As a player, you will have to take up the role of a lord, and your quest is to build the greatest empire in the world from the ruined city.

You will not only be a skilled warlord but a thoughtful politician. It's possible to strike on enemies with all your might or make alliances with other rulers; you have the right to control your kingdom as you see it. And to achieve your goals, you will need to research technology and develop your troops. But your enemies are not only other players; during the game, you will have to fight with the crowds of hostile monsters waiting for you in dark dungeons.

Don't think climbing to the throne will be easy. Your advisor will teach you the main points of the game such as the construction and possibilities of its acceleration, clearing the territory, recruiting troops and travelling through the game world. The development of the kingdom is in your hands. The speed of your future growth depends on how quickly you learn the basics of gameplay.

You'll also have experienced warlords under your command, who will help the army, both in attack and defence. With their help, you can explore the forgotten underground tombs and burial vaults called Crypts, which are filled with valuable resources, including rare materials for the craft of equipment. With the help of the character's gear, your hero becomes more powerful, which means even more conquests.

World map is inhabited by other players and various fantasy creatures, like elves, dragons or demons. They want to destroy your kingdom as much as other rulers. You need to form a unit and send it to the right place on the map to carry out attacks successfully. The movement takes time, which depends on the distance you travel. The battle outcome is automatic and depends on the difference in combat power of the warring units.

An essential aspect of the game is a quest system. The missions will be available after training. Your assistant will continuously give you new quests, which provide the experience, resources and gold.

You can also get resources from allies. For this purpose, the game has a clan system. By joining one of them, you will be able to share the resources needed, speed up the construction of the studies of technology, and receive reinforcements if it's necessary. Everything will depend on your ability to conduct political activities.