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Town of Salem Review

By BwwDtt | 18 September 2020
Average: 7.8 (12 votes)

Town of Salem is a free-to-play Mafia-like project for 7-15 players. The AI randomly sets the roles, and the players have to find the Mafia.

  • Widest Variety of Gameplay Styles
  • 49 Playable Classes
  • Unique Challenges and Immersive Matches
  • Friendly Community

Town of Salem is an intriguing role-playing game in which you have to become a detective involved in the investigation of mysterious murders, suspicions falling on each other and intrigue. The developers of the project were inspired by the real-life story that happened in the town of Salem, the infamous witch hunt in the seventeenth century.

The gameplay is developing with a group of seven to fifteen characters and a chaotic division of the latter into Town, Neutrals and Mafia. Each group has its purpose: the Townspeople ruthlessly kill members of enemy groups, the Mafia hunts the townspeople and the Neutrals refuse to obey. All players don't know which faction others belong to, which makes the gameplay extremely challenging.

Each participant is given one of 33 (49 with DLCs) roles with their characteristic abilities and skills. For example, the Serial Killer takes down the citizens, the Bodyguard protects one player from death overnight, the Necromancer can raise the dead, and the Jailor can put one player in jail.

The Town of Salem also has two phases of the game: a night in which a kind of chess game takes place using players' abilities, and a day to find out what happened during the night massacre. You will undoubtedly be pleased by the fact that each match in the game is unique; the player-driven gameplay is full of surprises, even if you always play the same role.

At the start of the game, each person is given a random role from around 20. There is no training, so you can only rely on experience and a small clue of abilities that only you can see. In normal mode, there are only two significant dangers: the Mafia and the serial killer. If the first evil consists of three people who have a dedicated chat room, then the second one acts on its own. Every night, respectively, two citizens will die. By coincidence, the killer may even kill a lower-level Mafia member.

There are a whole bunch of funny roles among townspeople that help to change the 'plot' of the game session a lot so that the match scenarios will certainly not repeat. For example, on the first night, a medic can inject one person, and if it turns out that the person came to kill on the same night, they will survive. The Jailor can put one person behind bars for 24 hours so that he will lose his active ability, and the sheriff is looking for evidence in the homes of the townspeople.